Himekaji in Oxford

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Cute shoes squad

The other weekend I took a trip to the beautiful town of Oxford to meet up with my friend Lee, and we couldn’t have picked a better day for it. It was the hottest day we’ve had all year and it was so sunny! I loved it. I felt like I could just close my eyes and enjoy the delicate sunshine on my shoulders and ended up having a really blissful day. We were two himekaji (casual princesses) strolling through the little lanes, spotting lots of pretty buildings, and relaxing in Christ Church meadow… But the sunshine didn’t last (typical of British weather) and it started pouring it down with rain, so we sought shelter in a hotel restaurant to have some cream tea before heading to Lee’s house for film-and-face-mask time. Ever After which is now my favourite Cinderella adaptation!

Oxford city centre – I love spotting old Tudor buildings!
christ church cathedral, oxford
Christ Church Cathedral

punting, oxford
Spotted some people doing punting! I’ve only seen this in films so it was pretty cool to see in real life

himekaji, gaijin gyaru, liz lisa
Lee & I (she’s so adorable!)
Eurgh, the lighting makes my face looks horrid OTL

Makeup & outfit details

lizzie bee, himekaji

himekaji, liz lisa, gyaru coord

Dress: Bobon21 / Shoes & sunglasses: eBay / Hair bows: Claire’s Accessories / Accessories: Forever21 & Primark

So I found myself decked out in himekaji – don’t you find that you have a summer gyaru style and a winter one? I’m usually dressed in agejo throughout autumn and winter but as soon as the spring flowers bloom I’m in himekaji. I guess that’s why my wardrobe is super crazy; I just can’t decide which part I like the most? Do you ever get like that or is it just me?

Nevertheless I’m trying to find a nice compromise between himekaji and agejo but it isn’t easy as they’re two completely different styles, and I have been thinking about my “Baby Steps to Hime Gyaru” post but I don’t think I’ll do that after all. We’ll see how it goes! I hope I’m not the only person suffering from two separate wardrobe personalities haha.


Anyway, that’s all for today! I really can’t wait to spend another day in Oxford in himekaji again. I guess this means I should start buying more tehe!

Until next Sunday, cuties ♡

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