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Himekaji Girls! Strawberry Chocolate Virtual Tea Party

Hey cutie! How are you? I’m currently sipping some delicious hot chocolate (with a whole load of whipped cream), having just been to a virtual tea party with some himekaji girls! It was so nice finally “meeting” everyone. This meet’s theme was Strawberry Chocolate and I’ll be honest… I was kind of worried because I didn’t really have any items with strawberry print, so instead I just wore my red turtleneck jumper and a brown skirt.

I’ve fallen in love with wearing layered necklaces again (which is heavily inspired by Okarie) and this one is my favourite! I bought it for super cheap from Aliexpress. I wasn’t originally going to wear a beret but then I saw Amber wear one and thought she looked absolutely adorable so I wore one, too!

♡ jumper: ralph lauren ♡
♡ skirt: miss selfridge ♡
♡ boots: idk soz ♡
♡ beret: ebay ♡
♡ accessories: aliexpress ♡

Guess who was late to the meet??? I don’t know how it happened since I started getting ready at 5pm and the meet wasn’t until 7pm, but I got super distracted and wanted to make myself some hot chocolate and by the time I was done it was already past 7pm and I was still in my pjs ( : ౦ ‸ ౦ : ). But they were super sweet about it so I just quickly got changed and joined the chat.


It was a lovely and chilled chat and we ate some cake and treats to go with the tea party theme! I ate a couple of scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream, although next time I really want to make some sandwiches so that it’ll be more like an afternoon tea meet (gosh, I miss having afternoon tea with my friends SO much (ಥ﹏ಥ)). I also had some hot chocolate where I made my own hot cocoa mix which I’ll be releasing a video of very soon! It also gave me the chance to try out the Hello Kitty stencil that my hubby bought for me.

Anyway, that’s all for today! Until next time ♡

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