How to Build Your Gyaru Wardrobe

Buy some clothes and wear it. Just kidding – there’s a bit more to creating the perfect gyaru wardrobe than that. Whenever someone new to the style asks me for advice on how to build up a gyaru wardrobe I always say to start working with what they already have, take inspiration from gyaru magazines like EGG where they wear “normal” clothes but use their makeup & hair to look gyaru. It’s the easiest and cheapest route route to starting gyaru. However below is a more detailed approach on how to achieve your dream gyaru wardrobe in a few simple steps:

how to build your gyaru wardrobe

How to build your gyaru wardrobe

01. Do your research

Research is so important and it stops you from spending a lot of money on clothes that you won’t end up wearing. Create a mood board of what inspires you and you’ll start to see a connection. Pick out items from your board that repeat themselves, and write them down onto your shopping list. If you need more help on this I wrote a post on “How to Find Your Gyaru Style” which will in turn help you figure out what you want to buy.

02. Buy secondhand, offbrand or replicas

Most of my gyaru wardrobe is secondhand and boy it has saved me so much money. I only buy things secondhand if they’ve only been worn once or twice, and luckily there are reliable sellers on Facebook pages like Gal/Gyaru Sales (especially now that there’s a rule that you have to have a feedback page). Facebook groups are the best places to find clothes.

Offbrand means just looking for items that aren’t labelled as gyaru brands, and the perfect example is places like missguided. I found quite a few items on there that could be easily incorporated into my gyaru wardrobe, and as they are a UK seller it has saved me so much money especially on shipping.
I wouldn’t normally recommend replicas but we’ve all been there; sometimes it’s just too expensive to buy brand items. Taobao is the best place for replicas but you got to take service charges, shipping fees and custom charges into consideration. If Taobao is too daunting for you (I’ve personally only used it once as it looks confusing) then you can always find stuff on storenvy.

03. Start small

Always take it slow when it comes to buying brand and building up your gyaru wardrobe, as you never know when your tastes might change. I only buy things if I can wear them in at least three different ways, and it saves me so much money and space! My “One Item Five Ways” posts always helps me out with this and allows me to be more creative with what I have.

04. Don’t forget your accessories!

Once again, using the same method as you would with your clothes, only buy accessories that you can wear with multiple outfits. I tend not to spend a lot of money on accessories and place like Primark and eBay are a lifesaver for those things.

05. Buy in bulk

Most gyaru fashion items are available abroad, and I always suggest buying things in bulk rather than separately as shipping prices & custom charges always add up. It also helps keep track of how much you’re spending so maybe limit yourself to one bulk shopping every couple of months rather than drip-feeding it through.

And that’s it! It’s actually pretty simple if you think about it, you just need to nurture your wardrobe and watch it grow. Patience is a virtue – I cannot tell you how much money and time I’ve wasted when impulse buying.

Please remember that you’re supposed to have fun, so please don’t pressure yourself into thinking that you have to have a branded wardrobe to be gyaru. You really don’t. You can be gyaru even when wearing a bin bag as long as your hair and makeup is on point (but I wouldn’t recommend wearing a bin bag for hygiene reasons).

What tips would you give to those wanting to build a gyaru wardrobe?

Are you in the middle of expanding yours? Would love to hear your comments! ♡

Until next Sunday! ♡

Lizzie xx

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