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How to do Gyaru Makeup Without Circle Lenses

How to do Gyaru Makeup Without Circle Lenses by Lizzie Bee

Circle lenses are quite important in gyaru makeup… But what if you can’t wear them? Does that make you any less gyaru? Well, that’s how I used to feel in any case! Yet, over the years I’ve learned how to adapt my makeup to compensate for the lack of circle lenses, and today I’m going to share with you how to do gyaru makeup without circle lenses!

Gyaru Makeup Tutorial Without Circle Lenses – YouTube

Now in video format! I’ve done plenty of picture tutorials in the past, but this time I’ve decided to go ahead and do a YouTube video to show you exactly how I do my makeup… From my base (including nose contour) to my eye makeup! I’ve included little timers so that you can skip right ahead to whichever section you want. 

Gyaru Makeup Tutorial Without Circle Lenses

Here’s a makeup tutorial I created a few years ago that is still relevant today – as this is another way I would do my makeup if I didn’t want to be as dramatic as the one above. Sometimes I mix it up by adding more colours of eyeshadow. Check out my blog post in order to see all the details

Old-School Gyaru Inspiration

The gyaru back when the fashion movement first began didn’t necessarily wear circle lenses, so I had a dig around to find some magazine scans to give you more ideas to boost your gyaru look! Please note that these looks only work if you are tanned. (Huge shoutout to Becy Shelley and Lala from SnG for these scans!)

Western Gyaru Inspiration

There are plenty of gals in the Western community who also skip out on the circle lenses, so here are some pictures to give you a bit of an inspirational boost!

Some Things to Keep in Mind…

Generally speaking, if you’re lacking in one aspect of gyaru, you’ve got to make up for it in another… And in this case, if you’re lacking in circle lenses, then your makeup has to be more dramatic to pass as gyaru.

But what if I don’t want to do dramatic makeup? Well… it’s going to be a little bit harder for you (but not entirely impossible). You could maybe go old-school and adopt a tan as quite a few old-school gyaru didn’t wear circle lenses. Or maybe make your contour more dramatic, or your hair more dramatic, or your clothes more dramatic… Just try to look for ways to make it work!

In my personal opinion, however, things get so much easier if you just make your eye makeup more dramatic. I recently did a makeup tutorial for himekaji and that’s the most toned-down I will go because if I stripped my makeup back even more, I just won’t look gyaru (especially because I am not tanned and I have dark hair).

At the end of the day, you need to think about the whole look overall! 

And that’s my ultimate guide on how to do gyaru makeup without circle lenses!

I hope this article was useful to you, and please drop a comment below if you’re stuck on anything.

Lizzie xx

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