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How to Incorporate Gyaru into Your Everyday Life

The life of being an everyday gyaru is a dream. Imagine just walking out the door everyday looking flawless from head to toe and being the perfect gyaru. False lashes? Check. Amazing hair? Check. The concept of it is just amazing, picture perfect. But then reality kicks in – the everyday gyaru probably gets up a few hours earlier just to look that good, and that doesn’t really work out for everyone.

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Truth is, the majority of gyaru don’t do it everyday. There is no reason to put yourself down if you’re not wearing the makeup and doing the hair 24/7. What matters is that you’re still gyaru, and that you do it at every chance you get. Working a 9-5 job where you can’t wear makeup? That’s cool, do it on the weekends!It’s all about making it work to your lifestyle. Here are a few tips I picked up along the way on how to incorporate gyaru into your everyday life…

01. Deco the crap out of everything

Phone cases, notebooks, pens… Everything! Make it glitzy and sparkly! I personally love having over-the-top phone cases, and sometimes just having that and nothing else makes me feel good. There are tons available online, but I have a close friend who makes quite a few of my cases. For those who don’t have that luxury – look at places such as etsy where you can get some super cute ones or even make your own!

02. Do some parapara!

Parapara is pretty old-school gyaru but it’s still a lot of fun to do, even for those who hate exercising! I’m aiming to do at least ten minutes a day, and hopefully by the end of this year I can memorise five routines!

Great routines to start are: Night of Fire by Hinoi Team, Gotcha! by Domino, and Try Me by Lolita.

03. Watch gyaru videos

One of my friends Heather is hosting an amazing series on video for those new to the style called the Beginner’s Guide to Gyaru series. I actually cover the agejo side of it, and you should totally check out the other styles that everyone’s covered! She’s also talked about the history of gyaru which is awesome.

Apart from that, I love watching videos on Black Diamond (even though I’m not their biggest fan) but I also love watching old videos of gyaru, and have created a playlist on YouTube of my gyaru video collection.

04. Decorate your nails

They don’t have to be monster nails, or even super glam, just a bit of colour and maybe a few gems here and there will do the trick. If you, like me, can’t do long nails then here’s a post for inspo where I gathered lots of short nails inspiration at the bottom of the post.

05. Read gyaru material

Gyaru magazines aren’t as big now as they were back then but they are still super inspiration! There are loads of scans available online and some have been uploaded on Tumblr… In fact, tumblr is also perfect for gyaru inspiration (although sometimes you have to watch out for those posts that are definitely not gyaru but are tagged as gyaru…)

Another thing you could read is Super Gals! I love love love this manga, it’s amazing, and the anime is pretty good too!

See, it’s so easy to incorporate gyaru into your everyday life! If you’re looking to be an everyday gyaru then I’ve written a post on casual gyaru hair and makeup tutorials that are perfect for it, as well as one on how to be gyaru and a student (which works for if you’re working, too!)

Anyway, I hope that this is helpful for you!

What are your thoughts? What do you do to incorporate gyaru in your everyday life?


Lizzie xx

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