How to Style a Crop Top in 4 Ways!

I’ve been eyeing this 90s baby crop top for such a long time, and couldn’t stop wearing it this summer (which is quite obvious from my YouTube vids and insta feed.. oops). So here’s how to style this crop top in 4 different ways!

With a Comfy Tracksuit

Tracksuits are the perfect things to wear during lockdown… They’re just so comfy! A crop top works great with tracksuits, especially if you’re going for the more oraora/sporty vibes. Just pair it with some chunky trainers and you’re good to go! I made this outfit a bit more classy by using a white shoulder bag, but a sports bag would work just as well.

Dress it Up With a Ruffled Skirt

I never actually thought that this would work because the crop top is quite sporty, but it just goes to show that you can never go wrong with trying out new things! The ruffled skirt creates a cute and feminine appearance, and even though I prefer tight bottoms, I would love to see this with something more flowy like a skater skirt.

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Go Casual with Some Jeans

Pair the crop top with a pair of jeans (and, for extra strong gyaru vibes, go for something with ripped or acid-washed details!) A cross-body bag breaks up the outfit a little bit and gives it a pop of colour!

Pair it with Leather

Mean Gals! This outfit was inspired by the ever-amazing Regina George (from Mean Girls). Yes, I know, she’s supposed to be the “villain”, but you have to admit that she has got style! If you want to go for something more rock-and-roll, you could easily swap out the heels with a pair of boots and add a leather jacket. 

That’s all for today! More ideas kept popping into mind when writing up this blog post so keep your eyes peeled for an update. Can I perhaps make it into ten outfits…? Who knows! 

Which outfit was your favourite? And how would you style a crop top?

Lizzie xx

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