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1 item 5 ways ♡ White maxi dress

Hey cutie ♡ how are you? So it’s still hot over here buuuut it’s going to rain from tomorrow onwards which really sucks because I hate rainy weather (*/▽\*) but anyway today I want to show you how I style a white maxi dress in five different ways! A white maxi dress is incredibly versatile and is also perfect for himekaji in spring/summer. Okay, let’s go!

1 / 一

I’m starting off with a somewhat ~wintery~ outfit idea which feels kind of weird because I’m currently sat in front of a fan, writing this post. But yeah this is super cute!

2 / 二

This is the most himekaji-esque outfit I’ve created with the white maxi dress, and I love it so much! It’s probably my favourite out of the lot. I managed to get this Liz Lisa sweater for dirt cheap and I’m so happy that I did because I want to wear it all of the time now haha.

3 / 三

This is inspired by Chie! Just imagine this with big bouncy curls and it would be the perfect gyaru co*de. I’m so glad that Darla persuaded me to buy this cowboy hat – I think it would look super cute with maybe some accessories on it!

4 / 四

Another cowboy inspired co*de! I was a little bit stuck on this one tbh… I really wanted to create a more casual co*de with maybe a cap and some converse so that it’s a bit more amekaji, but I unfortunately don’t have a either of those items (ノ_<。) so instead it turned into a cowboy theme haha.

5 / 五

Lol I am cheating because I’ve taken this from another 1 item 5 ways post where I was styling the Lizmelo top buuuut it’s just too cute not to include! I really really love this outfit, which was inspired by Okarie who is the queen of layering things. I really want to wear this soon but I feel like it’s probably too cold right now (╥﹏╥)

That’s all for today! How would you coordinate a white maxi dress? ♡

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