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Hyper Japan ’22 + GAL me2!

Hey cutie! How are you? I really wanted to write this post yesterday but I was way too tired but I had the absolute best time at Hyper Japan with my gals

Okay this is going to be a pic spam post but I’ll try and write notes under some of the pictures for more context

Met up with Daisy and her friend Dylan before we walked to Battersea park where the venue was~

As soon as I got there I headed straight to Dreamy Bows, Tofu Cute + Artbox to talk to my friends! It’s been so long since I saw them

Then I was just walking around and omg!!!! Hello Kitty was there!!!! I saw her in the distance and pretty much ran towards her I kind of felt bad though because everyone wanted a photo…. So I was really grateful that they allowed me to have one with her

Saw some of my other friends who had stalls there and bumped into Wib!

And, of course, I found the rest of the gals sitting near the blossom trees. IconicWe then took a group pic with Hello Kitty who appeared near us!

It was so incredibly hot so we actually spent most of the day outside on the grass (thank goodness I brought my My Melo picnic blanket with me!) We did parapara and took silly photos and aaaah I was so happy

Paid £4 for a little cup of lemonade but hey, it had miffy’s face on it…

I talked to the people sitting next to us as they had a super cute My Melo fan and they let me take pictures with it

Afterwards me, Wib, Lily, Koko and Devon went to Mr Taro for some food as I was suuuuuuper hungry. The food was delicious as always!

Love these photos Wib took of me

Tbh… There weren’t as many stalls as previous years… But I still ended up buying lots of things tehe! Here are my gets~

And look at what my lovely Risa got for me!!!!! Lizmelo folders!!!!

That’s all for today! I had such an amazing time. I always feel super energised after every gal meet and I can’t wait for the next one!

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