Hyper Japan Summer 2015!

hyper japan summer 2015, hyper japan fashion show, agejo gyaru
Photo credit: Hyper Japan

Last week I went to Hyper Japan at the O2 and had an amazing time. I wasn’t too sure that I would’ve been able make it so everything was really last minute, but luckily I was still able to attend the fashion show. This did mean getting up at 6am to get ready, but some things are worth sacrificing for and I was way too excited to be tired anyway.

I’ve only been to the O2 once when I went to see 30 Seconds to Mars, and I forgot just how big it was! I was power-walking my way towards Hyper Japan because it was conveniently (not) right at the back of the building, but I managed to make it in time for the fashion show. Phew!

Myself and two others (Sarah and Laurenn) were the only gyaru on the fashion show, which is quite sad as it makes me realise how much it’s dying over here in the West. I ended up being the last model on the show and I found it so nerve-wracking because I just wanted to get it over and done with! So I passed the time by taking lots of selfies backstage.

japanese fashion, fairy kei, gyaru, decora
Charlotte has the most adorable smile
hyper japan
“Yay, Hyper Japan and- who’s this?!” The ultimate photobomb with Finn!
agejo and sweet lolita
Melissa is such a babe and looks adorable in sweet lolita
Chloe & Shadie in matching sets!
kawaii fashion
Lisa’s style is so amazing – I almost didn’t recognise her from last year, she looks so cute!
lovejojo, hyper japan
At LoveJojo with Jojo aka heaven
ma*rs, agejo gyaru, ma*rs gyaru, hyper japan, gaijin gyaru
Photo: Ga Chun Yau Photography
gaijin gyaru, uk gyaru
How cool is Sarah’s hair?!
agejo gyaru, ma*rs gyaru, kawaii fashion, shibuya fashion, gaijin gyaru, lizzie bee
Feeling cute in ma*rs!
dreamy bows
Wai-yi and Zanni from Dreamy Bows
kawaii gets, japanese sweets, sailor moon
My kawaii goodies!

After the show I did a lot of walking around, shopping (oops) and headed over to the Maid Cafe for a bit to track down my main gal Chewiee. Man let me tell you – it was one hell of a roundabout walk. The security guards were so awkward and basically told us to go back out of the building and then around it only to go to the back again?! It’s so stupid! I wish everything was in the same place! And then when we got there we were refused to go in because the cafe was out of food even after the security guards told us to queue up?! They were very disorganised, and I didn’t get to see Chewiee in the end.

Buuut I did manage to see everyone else before I called it a day and headed home. Despite how rude some of the security guards were to us and how disorganised everything seemed, I had a really, really good time. It was so nice to see all of my friends and it made me realise how much I miss them… I definitely going to try and go again next year!

Have you ever been to Hyper Japan before? What do you think of it?

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