Hyper Japan Summer 2017

UK gaijin gyaru

So, Hyper Japan was amazing as per (even if the venue was a total maze). I got to see all of my friends, spend money that I should be saving, and took part in the fashion show… I couldn’t have asked for more! It took me ages to go to sleep the night before because I was so excited to see everyone.

I wore one of my newest MA*RS dresses that I had worn in a previous outfit post, and did my curls overnight because ain’t nobody got time to deal with that in the morning. It was a good thing I did as I was all over the place in the morning and left without a pair of flats. I shrugged it off because I wouldn’t be doing much walking, right?

artbox home accessories
I was dying from temptation to buy these for my house from Artbox!
dreamy bows hyper japan stall
Dreamy Bows has the cutest things!
gaijin gyaru
Myself, Chris & Rachel representing gyaru on the fashion show
simple gyaru nails
Mine and Kei’s fabulous nails for the day
japanese fashion
Waiting backstage for the show
lovejojo stall
LoveJojo stall for all of your plushie dreams
Jojo is super cute!
my melody, cinamorrol
My Melody & Cinamorroll section at Artbox
sanrio at artbox, hyper japan
Why can’t I have this at home?
tofu cute
Kei & I at Tofu Cute
tofu cute stationer
Cute stationery at Tofu Cute
Kei, myself and Chewiee

It turns out that I did a lot of walking. The fashion show itself was over in a matter of seconds but the build up to it made it seem a lot longer and I made do by seeing some of my friends before heading backstage. I started to get extremely nervous and worried that I looked like a plain Jane as everyone looked so fabulous and were decked head-to-toe in accessories. Our gyaru squad (myself, Rachel and Chris) were the only ones that weren’t in pastels and neons. I soon got over it, though, as soon as I walked on stage and flicked my hair at the cameras. Well, I hope I did, anyway, as I couldn’t really see anything in the blaring lights.

After the show we managed to grab some food from McDonalds and boy did I regret not bringing flats. Luckily Artbox were selling these adorable Little Twin Stars slippers so I snapped them up as soon as I got back in, and my shopping spree ensued. I just can’t stop buying things whenever I’m at Hyper Japan! The rest of the day was spent walking around, chilling outside and hanging out with all of my friends. Oh, and taking a lot of group photos.

Have you ever been to Hyper Japan before? What did you think? I’m hoping to update this post with pictures from the show, but that probably won’t be until next week…

Anyways, until next Sunday!

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