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Hyper Japan’s Christmas Market 2015!

Secretly plotting to take this alpaca away…

I can’t believe it’s December already! I am so unprepared for this month – I’ve got tons of Christmas presents & decorations to buy and I’ve no idea what to get for everyone! It sucks… But I’m sure I’ll figure something out!

Speaking of Christmas… Last weekend I went to Hyper Japan’s Christmas Market! I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time – since their last one which I blogged about – but I didn’t know until a week beforehand that I made it onto the fashion show, so let’s just say that it was very last minute! It kind of annoyed me how unorganised they were but… I’ll talk about that later. The fashion show was okay in the end and even though I was only gyaru on stage I didn’t let it get me down because I was able to see all of my amazing friends ♡

A quick selfie before I left!

I woke up at the crack of dawn to get ready, and I was a bit worried that I wasn’t able to wear what I wanted to wear as the organisers turned around and told us that we couldn’t change our outfit from the photo we had submitted over a month ago. It was such a pain because I submitted my HJ summer outfit! Luckily I was able to change it though, I didn’t want to wear the same thing twice. My stress levels rose when my train was super delayed… But I managed to make it in time!

I was able to have a quick look around before showtime – well, it wasn’t really “quick” because it was so packed at the venue that I was going at a snail-pace. I’ve never seen HJ so busy before! It didn’t help that all of the shops were cramped together and there wasn’t enough space between them to walk freely. The layout was like a maze! Everything was split across two floors and then numerous rooms… I was so glad my love was with me, or I would’ve gotten lost.

I was quite happy with what I saw and wish I had more time to look around, but before I knew it I was rushed off to the fashion show. Let’s just say that the fashion show was a bit… Chaotic. Everyone looked amazing but we spent no longer than a few seconds on stage before we were rushed off it again. I panicked so I didn’t pose very well ;_; I’ve only got a few photos so far because they didn’t hire any photographers at the event… Even the organiser who was emailing us wasn’t there! What a mess!

Backstage pic! Charlotte (mypasteluniverse), Sunny, Rachel & I~ Pic from Charlotte!
Unleashed Perception Photography
The Awkward Brit

After the show was done I went for a little walkabout and bumped into Minori, the famous Shironuri, who looked so flawless! I also went to visit Ayami at the maid cafe and I had a lovely time watching her do her “chubby bunny” talent. It was hilarious! I’ve never been to a maid cafe before then… I really want to go again! I had a little photoshoot session with Tobi from TobiNinjaFox, and I loved how the photos turned out.

Minori! She looked amazing!



All in all I’m unsure of how I felt about HJ this time, so I broke it down into bullet points of the positives & negatives. I wasn’t actually going to do this but I was so upset and annoyed when I left that I can’t keep quiet about it!

So it’s a bit 50/50 I guess… I really hope they have a better venue next time and are more organised, because this one was one of the worst I’ve been to. The previous years have been so amazing so I was very upset when I left. Oh well…

That’s all for today! I’ll see you guys next week ♡

Lizzie Bee xx

Outfit details: Dress: Princess Melody (replica) / Skirt, socks & hoodie: MA*RS / Heels: Dorothy Perkins / Headband: Ruby Rose

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