♥ I can’t believe it; it actually feels like summer?! ♥

Hey gals! How’re you all today? ^^

Yesterday it was boiling. Seriously, I was so hot that I had to change my outfit because of it!
After International Gyaru Day my boyf slept round mine with my sis and one of my best friends, and we had lots of fun! (Well, I’m sure my sis and friend did anyways ;D) We drank a lil’ bit, and my sis thought it would be fun to experiment by mixing drinks… Yeah well that didn’t go so well for her 😛 Still, it tasted so nice! I didn’t take any photos ’cause a) it might get her into trouble and b) mine and le boyf’s ass would be kicked 😛

The day after we went on a walk to this really really nice place that I can’t remember the name of OTL. Shall edit this post when I find out where it was n_n But yeah, the weather was gorgeous! But too hot for walking ;______; I had to take off my lower lashes as they were irritating me so much D:
Some pictures of the walk~

Such a pretty place *__* There were all kinds of sceneries like fields, wood, and a lake too! n_n 

Spealing of lower lashes, what cha think of my makeup? ^^ I followed a tutorial by Okarie to go for a more ‘casual’ look ^^

And, of course, my OOTD

Jumpsuit: New Look

Shoes: New Look

Hat: New Look

Necklace: West One

I’ve decided to now try and dress Gyaru everyday! ’cause now that it’s summer and school’s over I have the time to do so ^^ Just need to find all of those tuts and shizzle to help me out lawls 😛 So I’ll be posting more often so that I can show yoou my different make up and outfits ^^ I’m so excited! Especially now ’cause it’s getting warmer~

Omg I can’t believe it’s gonna be my birthday in about just over a month o_O Gotta’ create my wishlist soon! I’ve got some stuff from DreamV, but I’m just so bummed out because of the shipping fees ;____; And from what I hear you’d have to pay the custom fee as well D: But the clothes are so so nice *__*

That’s all for now,

Lizzie <333

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