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I need to stop caring so much…

Thoughts that were on my mind today:

  1. Should I carry on editing this vlog? What if no one watches it? What if they thought it was boring?
  2. Hmmm maybe I should change my blog layout so that other people won’t forget that I did educational blog posts and that not all of my posts are super casual
  3. Do I blog too much? Should I stop doing casual posts?
  4. Does anyone read this blog now that it’s not super educational?
  5. Will they be offended or upset if I don’t include them in my thumbnail… ? Or if I just included one of them, what will the others think?
  6. Awh man this dress will be so perfect for hime gyaru but I haven’t got any wigs… Everyone is going to think I’m making an awful attempt but I can’t really do anything about it

Yeah, it’s exhausting (╥ω╥)

But this needs to stop!!! I need to be selfish and do what I want to do and not care too much about what other people think!!!

Not just in my personal life… But my work life, too! I need to stand my ground, be more assertive!

So I’ll do my best. Wish me luck╰(´︶`)╯♡

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