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Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ I’ve been really inspired by gyaru street style lately and so today I wanted to do a post dedicated to Chinatsu Wakatsuki, the owner of iconic gyaru brand WC. But she was also an actress, idol, and gravure model.

Chinatsu Wakatsuki
Chinatsu Wakatsuki from WC

All of these pictures were taken from her WC blog:
There were also some from her personal blog which has been since deleted:

Chinatsu Wakatsuki from gyaru brand WC
Chinatsu Wakatsuki from gyaru brand WC

I just love how cosy all of her outfits are, and how she uses scarves and hats as accessories. Chinatsu Wakatsuki really nails that I-just-threw-this-together look! The colour combinations really remind me of amekaji and I suppose you could label it that IF you wanted to put a label (but I would just call this gyaru… In my day and age, I’m tired of labelling everything haha).

Chinatsu Wakatsuki
Chinatsu Wakatsuki

However, I found that her makeup isn’t as… Dramatic as I thought, but I think it really suits her overall aesthetic and she still has the gyaru staples down (e.g. nude lippy, light eyebrows, contour and false lashes).

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this post~ I really want a baseball jacket now haha.

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  • Sparklewolfie
    April 21, 2023

    The looks are so cute! I like the pairing of baseball jacket with fluffy skirt~ So nice!