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I’ve realised that it’s been years since I’ve made a post about my inspirational gyaru. It’s just so hard to find one specific gyaru nowadays as I’m easily inspired by a number of styles, but there have been a few who have been inspirational to me through thick and thin and I thought it was time to make a post dedicated to them!


01 | Sakurina

First and foremost, Sakurina! She was one of the first gyaru I fell in love with and I am just so inspired with her gyaru evolution. Her old agejo days were amazing (especially in Girl’s Life) but she has still retained that agejo look in her current style. She’s the perfect example of what I want to be – and I just feel so happy when I see her photos.

Ria Chii, kyabajo, hostess, agejo

02 | Ria Chii

I’m in love with her makeup overall, and I first found her through Ageha. I just loved how she looked quite casual yet still very gal, and her eyes are so big!

Shizuka Muto, inspiration, gyaru

03 | Shizuka Muto

Another gyaru who started off as an amazing agejo and have evolved into the elegant lady she is now. She even has her own brand “Rady” which has proven to be very popular amongst onee gyaru.


04 | Yumachi

How could I not find Yumachi inspiring? She’s toned down her style quite a lot but there’s still that strong vibe of the “get wild and be sexy” gyaru. She always looks as if she’s having fun in her photos, and I love her smile!

Inspirational gyaru Himena

05 | Himena

I absolutely LOVE this gyaru; from her hime gyaru style all the way through her agejo, her makeup is just amazing. She dresses exactly how I want to dress… Basically I want to be her haha. She’s such a cute gal mama!

That’s all for today! Who are your inspirational gyaru? 

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