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Inspirational Gyaru – Tsubasa Masuwaka!

Tsubasa Masuwaka

I thought that I’d start my first post on my new weekly theme, inspirational Gyaru, on Tsubasa Masuwaka! The model that (kinda) drew me to the Gyaru fashion.


Name: Tsubasa Masuwaka

Age: 25

Occupation: Model, sang a few songs so Idk whether or not to call her a singer. She also owns the fashion line Liz Lisa and Candy Doll!

Why I love her: Because in every picture she takes she ALWAYS looks so so cute! I also love the fact that she’s both young and successful, which just proves that your future can suddenly change with the click of one’s fingers. She is also a favourite in Popteen, and I really like the outfits she wears because I feel as if I could come up with several similar coords too tehe.

Any tutorials inspired or done by Tsubasa?: Yep!

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Tsubasa Masuwaka inspired makeup tutorial by Ekimura

There’s millions more on youtube too.

And now for some pictures!

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