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Inspirational Gyaru~ Yui Kanno!

It’s time for the second week of Inspirational Gyarus, and for this week it’s… Yui Kanno! 😀


Name: Yui Kanno

Age: 24

Occupation: Model, one of the main ones of Liz Lisa (the most beautiful brand ever!), and also has her own makeup brand called Melliesh ^^

Why I love her: She is one of the most natural-looking Gyaru model that I’ve ever seen! She doesn’t overload her makeup like some others that I’ve seen, and her image is always elegant and natural (zomg I’ve used that word a lot now o_e) and she has a sweet image! She wasn’t very confident in her image at first, and it took her 6 years to build it up! She’s definitely a good role model ^^

Any tutorials inspired or done by Yui Kanno?:

Yui Kanno’s makeup tutorial

And now for some piccies 😀

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