Inspirational gyaru 💕 Nanako

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Hey cutie! How are you? 💕 It’s been ages since I’ve done an inspirational post/photo dump and this time I wanna talk about Nanako!

I’m surprised that I didn’t write a post about her sooner… but better late than never I guess 😂

Nanako Hime Gyaru

Her style is definitely more hime but sometimes veers into agejo and onee! She used to model for the hime gyaru brand La Pafait and has also appeared in Koakuma Ageha.

Nanako Hime Gyaru

I really wanna try out her eye make 😍😍

Nanako Hime Gyaru
La Pafait Hime Gyaru
Nanako Hime Gyaru

That’s all for today! Speak soon 💕

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  • Sparklewolfie
    June 24, 2022

    Adorable!!! I love her style so much!!! It’s so elegant and cute. Her hair is amazing too. I hope to see your attempts at her eyemake style 🙂 It looks nice~