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International Gyaru Lovers Winter Meetup!

international gyaru lovers winter meetup
Photo credit: David Kaiser

I had, hands down, one of the best weekends of my life! Wanna’ know why? It’s because I attended the International Gyaru Lovers Winter Meetup! It was the first time that I met gaijin gyaru from different parts in Europe and oh my gosh it was amazing! I had a lot of fun… And the whole losing-my-voice-and-looking-like-a-zombie was totally worth it!

Warning: lots of pictures ahead! And I mean, LOTS!

Day One – Pre-Meet Up/Casual Day!

The weekend started as soon as my bby Chewiee and I got to the airport, and we were later joined by Jada who was coincidentally on the same plane as us! It was such a nice surprise! I hadn’t seen Jada for over a year, I really missed her. We did our makeup on the plane as it was a pretty short flight – and it was a good thing we did because as soon as we touched down we had to rush to get to our hotel. There was going to be a pre-meet so it was literally a case of going to the hotel, dropping our things off, and then meeting the other gals! I was so nervous and held onto Chewiee for most of the day as I didn’t know many people (so I didn’t really take any photos), but later on I got more comfortable.

Me, Holly & Ethan

Day Two – The Main Event!

I didn’t take many pictures on the Friday but boy did I take a lot on Saturday. I wanted to take as many pictures as I could with everyone because it was a very special day for me, so the below are the group pictures that I took which hopefully includes everyone (sorry if not!) I was so happy to see everyone, especially those who I talk to online.

We got up early to get ready, and I wore one of my favourite MA*RS dresses with my cat hoodie, and Chewiee helped me with my hair. Luckily we weren’t too late and we had to wait a little while at the meeting point before heading to the venue, so I took this chance to get to know people a little bit more. Once at the venue we took a massive group photo… There were so many people there! It was amazing!

Kitai & Kyo were amazing hosts and had everything planned: first we started with a Bring-and-Buy-Show which I took part in (oh my gosh it was so embarrassing because I kept dropping everything), then we had a break, and then we did a Gyaru Lovers Award which was kinda’ like the Gaijin Gyaru Awards but we could only vote for people in the room and… I won for best Agejo! I’ve never been so happy in my life and I was totally speechless. Thank you all so much for those who voted for me. It makes me want to do agejo even more and improve on it! My bby Chewiee was “Mrs Gyaru Lovers” and I am so proud of her!

After that some gal(o)s did some parapara (video here!) and then it was time to socialise and relax.

Dress, hoodie, socks and accessories: MA*RS / Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Nathalie, Amber, Marta, Alba, Sue, Jojo and me
Sui Princess! She’s my biggest gyaru inspo and she’s so so cute!
With Daniel, Wes & Jada
Alba, Marta & Sue (they’re so funny!) Pic from Lily
And with Lily who’s super cute!
Everyone getting ready for the “fashion show”… Sort of.

Day Two – Karaoke Time!

We left the venue at around 6pm and we had around two hours to go do our own thing before meeting again, so Chewiee and I headed back to our hotel to get changed and grabbed some McDonald’s. Two hours was over before we knew it, and we joined everyone else and went to go for some karaoke!

The karaoke was perhaps one of the best things that happened; my throat was killing me but I kept on singing, and everyone danced to the macarena and ketchup song! It was so awesome! After karaoke we then had another hour to relax so me and a few others headed back to Wes, Daniel & Jada’s hotel room. This is when I got a little bit tipsy tehe. Before I knew it I was back at the hotel feeling a little dizzy but really happy with the way things turned out.

Photo credit: Jada (Or is it Sui? I can’t remember ^^”)

Pic credit: Jada
Pic credit: Wes

Day Three – The Hangover

I was a total zombie on Sunday so didn’t really take any photos, but we spent the day with some of the gals that were still around and then it was back to the UK we go.

I had so much fun at the meet; I want to thank Kitai and Kyo for making this happen because if it wasn’t for them I would’ve have been able to meet all of these amazing people. I only wish that I could upload all of the photos I took on here but it truly as one of the best weekends of my life, and I can’t wait for next year!

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