Is Being Gyaru Lonely?

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I know what you’re thinking – Is it even possible to feel lonely doing/being gyaru? Gyaru is, after all, a fashion, so how can you feel lonely by just wearing different clothes?

For me, gyaru is more than that. It’s what made me fall in love with Japan in general and accept my ‘kawaii’ side unapologetically. I don’t think I’d ever have the courage to use Rilakumma stationery at work if it wasn’t for gyaru (even though gyaru technically doesn’t have anything to do with it). Gyaru gives such a confidence boost, and the makeup is my war paint.

summer gyaru coord

summer gyaru

Dress: eBay

Accessories: Muse

Sandals: New Look

Hat: Haven’t a clue

Bag: Primark

Sunglasses: Accessorize

outfit details

onee gyaru

onee gyaru, summer coord

lonely gyaru, gaijin gyaru

But it’s one thing dressing up and taking pictures in your gyaru gear vs actually going out and hanging out with other gyaru. To be surrounded by others to talk about things we’ve seen lately (like Sakurina’s new brand Riina Couture) or to help each other out in improving our style. Gyaru has always been a mainly internet-based style, and we tend to just communicate over FB/Twitter/Insta with the occasional gyaru meet here and there. I’ve always dreamed of the day that I could just hop over to a fellow gyaru’s house just for a casual hangout in our PJs and watching cheesy chic flicks rather than travel (what seems like) thousands of miles to see them.

So yes, being gyaru it is quite lonely.

If there was an easy way to feel less lonely then I’d be all over it. But in the meantime I’d say that the way to combat this loneliness is to just keep on being present, whether that’s on the internet or in the real world. Post those selfies, those outfit photos, and be effortlessly you in your style. Hell, start a blog! Get gyaru on the map but don’t feel disheartened if it doesn’t work out… As long as you’re having fun and not forcing yourself to be gyaru for gyaru’s sake, than that’s all that matters, right?

Do you ever feel lonely being/doing gyaru (or any other alternative fashions)?

Lizzie Bee xx

What do you think?

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  • ×t s u k i.-
    April 12, 2019

    Great post as always, Lizzie <3
    I agree that, indeed, gyaru gets quite lonely, especially if you're across the world, in a place where gyaru is nowhere as popular as lolita, larme or other j-fashions. Still, I'll keep trying and flying everywhere to meet fellow gals as long as my work grants me some days off <3

  • Chris O (Lamian)
    April 12, 2019

    Your circle never does casual chills? thats sad ;;

    • Chris O (Lamian)
      April 12, 2019

      Speaking of which, our monthly circle hangout already boosts me up a lot, add in the semi-regular hangouts with some of my closest circlemembers (like ari vanessa and ria) and just wearing it whenever i hang out with my regular friends is plenty to make me feel motivated.
      Also, instead of just chatting, I voice call some of them, which already helps

    • LizzieBee
      April 12, 2019

      We all live too far away from each other… But hopefully one day we can host a chilled sleepover and just watch movies and chat! <3

  • Emily Harrison
    April 12, 2019

    You look so good in these photos! It’s not nice feeling lonely in your niche but you are killing! you always look 100%

  • Lily Chanel
    April 12, 2019

    When I had the gyaru style, I felt lonely in the real life! Many people didn’t understand my style and critisized me because I wore short skirts and dresses.

  • chloececiliagoescouture
    April 12, 2019

    Love this Lizzie!! It’s so sad that you feel so lonely but I hope that you still feel included in the fashion blogging community, even if it’s not quite the same xx

    Chloe |

  • Mary Lee
    April 12, 2019

    Yup it feels super lonely ; – ;

    ” I’ve always dreamed of the day that I could just hop over to a fellow gyaru’s house just for a casual hangout in our PJs and watching cheesy chic flicks rather than travel (what seems like) thousands of miles to see them.”


  • Maz Errata
    April 12, 2019

    Fab post lovely girl! I totally get what you mean about “war paint” – I feel the same about my terrible fashion choices. I’m sorry you feel lonely, I’m not part of the community so I’m not really in a place to comment, but it sounds like you’ve found ways to counter it 🙂