IsoBee date ♡ Hello Kitty co*de ♡ Yummy pancakes at Procaffeinate!

Good morning cutie ♡ yesterday I hung out with my bestie Isobel! ( ̄ε ̄@) we went to take some cute outfit pics, did a bit of shopping before going to eat some of the yummiest pancakes I’ve ever tasted at Procaffeinate.

Unfortunately it rained the whole day and it was surprisingly cold! So cold that I wore thermal tights (@_@) ikr – thermal tights, in June?! Madness. But I was really happy with my Hello Kitty co*de!

Hello Kitty Gyaru Coord via hellolizziebee

♡ hoodie: new girl order ♡
♡ accessories: idk soz ♡
♡ skirt: gaaah I need to check ♡
♡ bag: gift from Kristin ♡
♡ trainers: new look ♡

We left quite early so decided to take some cute outfit pics! I really loved Isobel’s jumper (*♡∀♡)

Hello Kitty inspired outfit
Hello Kitty Outfit

Then it started to rain so we sat in the car for a bit before going to the poundshop to get some homeware items (ofc) before going to Procaffeinate for some delicious pancakes!

Procaffeinate in Leamington
Procaffeinate in Leamington

I ordered the Lotus Lover pancakes with hot chocolate and Isobel got the Naughty Nutella and a smoothie! I was really happy to see that they did lots of different types of milk with their drinks, so I went with oat milk (honestly – oat milk and hot choc is the best combination).

Yummy pancakes at Procaffeinate
Pancakes at Procaffeinate in Leamington Spa

Then I went home and had a two hour nap and woke up covered in sweat and feeling really weak (@_@) so I spent the rest of the day relaxing (although I did clean the bathroom which probs wasn’t a good idea haha). I did wake up feeling so much better this morning though! It was probably either burnout or the side effects from the vaccine…

I realised that lately I’ve done a lot of posts about my days out… I’ll try and write some inspo posts soon!

Until the next post ♡

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  • B.B.
    June 21, 2021

    AHHH your outfit is so cute! ❤ I was wondering how you deal with your fringe in the summer when it’s hot or windy outside. I used to have fringe that looked like yours but my hair get oily quickly and it was hard to keep it up in summer and when it was windy outside. I’d love to have fringe again because it looks so cute

    I’d DIE to go to a pretty cafe like that! The cookies on top of your pancakes are my favoritooo!

  • Sei
    June 21, 2021

    I love this outfit you look so cute and cozy!!

  • Lynn
    June 27, 2021

    I love your outfit it’s sooo cute!!!

  • isobel
    July 13, 2021

    Aww I love this Lizzie! Such a cute post xxx

    Isobel x