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Jeju island ♡

Some photos of our day trip to jeju! Sorry my brain is absolutely fried so I can’t really think atm. But tbh… We spent a lot of our day aimlessly wondering around as all of the nice places were so far apart from each other so we’d only be able to get around by car. But we made the most of exploring where we could!

Bad quality pic but there were horse monuments in the distance! So cute!
My husband is the cutest
There was this guy doing fancy arm movements with the flames but tbh the lobster was overcooked lmao
I loved these grumpy grandpa statues
Jeju airport food is 10000000x better than UK food

We managed to catch the subway from Gimpo airport to our hotel, and I was so exhausted! But it was a nice break from the bustling city of Seoul.

I’m not too sure what’s tomorrow’s plans are… We will probs just go for a walk and the to Olive Young as I need new moisturiser…

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