Where to Buy Jfashion Outside of Japan

Buying Jfashion items outside of Japan was such a nightmare for me when I first started getting into gyaru. I remember longing for a beautiful Liz Lisa dress only to learn that I couldn’t buy it directly from their website and that I needed some sort of shopping service, and at the time it went straight over my head.

Nowadays it’s all too easy for me to buy Jfashion items – hence why I’m forever broke – but I still get a lot of questions from those wanting to get into it on where I get my clothes/accessories/stationery from. Below I have compiled a list of my absolute favourite jfashion stores (focusing more on small businesses) who I’ve had really good experience with, or who my friends have recommended, just to give you a bit of a helping hand! I’ve split everything up into different fashion sectors as not all of them are just gyaru-focused.

(Post edited on June 2020)

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Gyaru Fashion

Bunny Crafty Dream

What they sell – Accessories

Fellow gyaru blogger Kieli has her own store where she sells super cute accessories! I really love her hibiscus necklace – it’s perfect for gyaru!

Kawaii Gyaru Shop Jfashion Store

Kawaii Gyaru Shop

What they sell – Clothes, accessories, bags and shoes

Call me biased but I love Kawaii Gyaru Shop – it’s where I get all of my Liz Lisa goodness and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! They’re based in America so shipping/customs might be an issue to some places, so I would highly recommend buying in bulk from there. I also have a discount code “LIZBEE” that you could use!

(As of June 2020, I’m not too sure their shop is still open but their website is live so fingers cross they’ll start stocking up again!)

Kawaii Panda Shop - Gyaru Fashion & Jfashion

Kawaii Panda Shop

What they sell – Accessories

Lots of lovely accessories for gyaru! I love how tropical some of their pieces are, which is perfect for old-school gyaru and makes you think of Summer all year around!

Lhouraii's Shop - Perfect for Gyaru and Jfashion

Lhouraii’s Shop

What they sell – Flashy nails

Lhouraii makes one of the best gyaru nails, ever. I actually got my custom Sailor Moon nails from here and I absolutely adore them! She’s super sweet and as everything is handmade you do get a one-of-a-kind service from her.

Kawaii Fashion

Dreamy Bows Kawaii Fashion

Dreamy Bows

What they sell – Clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, beauty and wigs

I can’t tell you how much I love this store. It is filled with never-ending cuteness and is one of the very first stores I go to when I go to Hyper Japan. It’s run by the sweetest people I know, and I just love their style! If you’re into all kinds of Jfashion then this is the place for you.

Hard Decora

Hard Decora

What they sell – Clothes and illustrations

Hard Decora sells aggressively cute designs in a whole array of bold colours, from illustrations to apparel! The person behind Hard Decora, Kamilah, also hosts the O-kei Podcast which I would highly recommend listening to. 

Karousel Kouture Kawaii Store

Karousel Kouture

What they sell – Clothes and accessories

Clothes for the kawaii baddie! I looooove the yk2 vibes and how fabulously pink everything is. They are also very inclusive and sell from sizes XS-5XL.

Ota-Q Apparel

Ota-Q Apparel

What they sell – Clothing

I absolutely adore all of the cute pastel designs from Ota-Q, a shop aimed for those who love cute things (and are a bit of an otaku at heart!) 

Roxie Sweetheart accessories

Roxie Sweetheart

What they sell – Jewellery, accessories and clothing

I love Roxie’s accessories, and what’s even more amazing is that everything is designed and handmade by herself. It’s perfect for anyone into pastel styles, fairy kei or pastel goth!


What they sell – Jewellery, accessories, shoes, wigs, clothing… Pretty much everything to be honest!

Spreepicky is perfect for those who love everything to do with kawaii and Harajuku fashion! I have bought from them a few times in the past and they’ve always provided swift delivery. One of the things I bought from there was my My Melody bag (which I featured in my ‘What in my bag?‘ post). They also sell seifukus for those who want to try kogal!


What they sell – Pretty much anything
TaoBao is what I would describe as the Chinese version of eBay, and it’s where I get all of my replicas. You do have to use a shipping service with this although don’t let that put you off! They are really easy to use – read this blog post for more details.


Angel Baby Boutique - Cute Phone Accessories

Angel Baby Boutique

What they sell – Super cute accessories and phone cases

Angel Baby Boutique sells hand-crafted items and are based in SoCal LA. My pink phone case I bought from there is one of the cutest phone cases I’ve ever owned! They are especially good if you love Parisian chic items. 

Blippo Kawaii Shop

Blippo Kawaii Shop

What they sell –  Japanese candy, stationery, cute gifts and accessories

Blippo is the first place I look at when I search for kawaii stationery. They do a monthly “kawaii box” subscription where you receive the cutest things every month! They also run Japan Candy Store which stocks – you’ve guessed it – the yummiest sweets straight from Japan!

Tofu Cute Jfashion Store

Tofu Cute

What they sell – Sweets, stationery and accessories

Run by the same people who run Dreamy Bows, Tofu Cute is my go-to place for anything sweet. I spend at least £10 there a turn on puccho sweets, but they also sell some cute stationery and accessories.

And there we have it! The stores I’ve mentioned above are ones that I usually go to when I wanna get my hands on some gyaru/kawaii goodies. 

So, where do you buy your jfashion items? Are there any I’ve missed that you would highly recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

Lizzie xx

Where to buy Jfashion outside of Japan + my favourite stores by hellolizziebee
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    What shopping service do you use? I dont know any except buyee, and i really dislike using buyee T-T

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