Kawaii Box Review and Giveaway!

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“Life is like a box of kawaii goodies… You never know what you gonna’ get” is what sprung to mind when Kawaii Box landed on my doorstep. A couple of weeks prior to this event, they had reached out to me to do a sponsored review for them, and how could I resist? Get cute stuff in the post? Why not! Fast forward to the time when it came to unravelling the goodies, I can happily say that I am completely satisfied. The service was amazing, the box was cute, the stuff in the box was also cute… Need I say more?

But then that would be a terrible review post and I do want to delve further into what I received. I know more about Japanese sweets/candy than a lamppost so I was totally clueless when I opened up the box. All I knew was that everything looked adorable and I couldn’t wait to satisfy my sweet tooth. I didn’t just receive sweets, but also stationery! You can also receive these things by entering my giveaway (more details at the bottom of this post).


So, what is there to know about Kawaii Box? Well it’s a subscription box run by Blippo that you can cancel at any time, and offers lots of subscription from monthly ones to yearly ones (ranging $17.90 p/m or $19.80 p/m). You receive 10-12 handpicked cute items in the box, and they also offer free shipping. You should totally head over to their ‘about‘ page if you want to learn more.


Right, onto the items!

kawaii box October 2016

kawaii Japanese sweets

kawaii, pikachu, disney donald duck

Pikachu Coin Purse, Disney Potepote Plushie and Squishy Oreo Keychain

As soon as I saw the Pikachu I knew it was going to be a good box – I’m not a die-hard Pokémon fan but I do think he’s super adorable. I am forever looking for a small coin purse as I’m tired of lugging around my large My Melody wallet, so this was perfect. They also included Donald Duck plushie and Oreo keychain which I love (anything plushie and cute is a win/win for me!)

kawaii Japanese candy

Pikachu Candy Sticks (similar here) and Marukawa Halloween Bubble Gum


As I mentioned above, I don’t really know much about Japanese candy and only tried Puccho before, so this was totally new to me. After a little look around Blippo I discovered that the one on the right some spooky chewing gum, and the other were candy sticks, yummy! Each candy stick was individually wrapped as well which is good for people like me who can’t seem to know what their sugar limit is (haha).

Korean DIY kit, Korean stationery

Moomin greetings card, stationery

(top) Korean Kawaii DIY Cross Stitch Set, Mini Animal Spray Bottle, Cute Snacks Eraser and Kawaii Pastel Animal Mechanical Pencil (bottom) Moomin Card & Envelope, Cute Pattern Envelopes, and Japanese Lunch Food Puffy Stickers


I’m really, really happy with the stationery section, and sure I might be a bit biased (I LOVE stationery) but I actually needed to replenish my stationery collection. The only thing that I’m not too sure about is the cross stitch keychain – I don’t think I’ll ever do cross stitch, but the packaging is so adorable that I’m going to keep it.


All in all, I’m very happy with everything I’ve received, and would highly recommend Kawaii Box not only for their amazing service but also for the items they’ve handpicked. Nothing is the same, and I love the fact that you get both sweets and stationery.


Before I go, I have a special announcement…

Together with Kawaii Box, we are hosting a special giveaway for all you lovely people! Click the rafflecopter widget below and enter, it’s super quick and easy and you get free goodies!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That’s all for today! Good luck on entering! ♡

Lizzie Bee xx

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