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Hey cutie! How are you? Today I’m going to be doing a lil’ review of the July edition of Kawaii Box! It’s been a while since I did an unboxing and I’m super excited about it Especially because the box looks a lot bigger than previous boxes… Okie, let’s open the box!!!

Btw – they gave me this box for free in return for this blog post

First up we have this small, plastic mug which has Sanrio characters on the side! I love the colours. I could give it to my baby when they’re old enough

Aaah how cute is this lil’ notepad?

These clips are sooooo cute! I always need something to keep my fringe/bangs out of my face when doing my makeup, so these would definitely come in handy.

I think this is a plastic pouch to put your phone in! I wonder if it’s waterproof?

I don’t know anything about this anime unfortunately so I will probably give these away…

I really love caramel corn snacks!! Well, that is before I knew I was allergic to dairy so I really hope there isn’t milk in this…

I saved showing you the best until last but look!!!! How!!!! Adorable!!!!!!!!!! A part of me wants to give it to the baby, but another part of me wants to keep this plush to myself I love her so much!!! No wonder the box was bigger this time.

So I’ve got a discount code for you which lasts until 21st July, giving you $5USD off at Kawaii Box!
Lizzie Bee

And that’s it for this post! Speak soon

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