Kawaii Gyaru Shop Review: Liz Lisa Winter Florals

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Did you know that Liz Lisa was the first brand I fell in love with, when I first found out about gyaru? It started when I found a picture of Yui Kanno wearing it for a winter collection (I can’t remember which year) and from then on I was asking around to see if I can buy anything. Back then it was really hard to get branded items, unless you got it second hand from a friend, and I didn’t really have a job because I was too young so my chances of having Liz Lisa were slipping… To all newbie gals – you are incredibly lucky that there are now more options to get branded items, for some of us it was a luxury and a 1/1000000 chance. Thank goodness for shops like Kawaii Gyaru Shop*! I don’t know what to do without it

I’m still slowly building my Liz Lisa wardrobe but one of my goals next year is to wear more of it. I think it’s because it’s so different to my usual agejo style that I can’t seem to get enough of it! My first stage is to be able to wear it in winter, and when Steph suggested this fleece Liz Lisa dress I fell in love. Within a couple of weeks it arrived on my doorstep and I couldn’t wait to try it on! I also received some cute Christmas cat tights which I took a picture of in my previous post.

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dress lining details

liz lisa

liz lisa winter florals dress

About the dress…

The first thing I noticed was that the material was really warm and fuzzy. I could tell even before I put it on that it would be amazing for winter, and there was an extra layer of lining to stop the material from making your skin itchy. I didn’t even need to wear a sweater/cardigan with it until the very last hours of the night (N.B this is in UK winter weather conditions). The next thing was the collar… It really complimented my figure and wasn’t tight around my bust. I would say that it would be perfect for anyone up to a C cup! It’s got an elasticated waist as well which was nice.

It has sleeves! And boy it’s a lifesaver because it just adds to the winter appearance and kept me warm. I loved how they did the cuffs at the end (also elasticated) and the lace detail at the bottom of the dress is also gorgeous. Can’t go wrong with a bit of lace!

I really hope to wear this more often and try out different tights because I only had my thin nude ones this time, which is obviously not good when it gets even colder. Even if the dress is lovely and warm, it doesn’t cover much of my legs! So I’ll definitely need to think of that in future.

kawaii gyaru winter outfit

Liz Lisa dress: Kawaii Gyaru Shop (coupon code: LIZBEE) / boots: Liz Lisa replicas / Accessories: Primark

If you haven’t read one of my reviews on Kawaii Gyaru Shop before, then I’d say what I always say – I 100% recommend purchasing from there. They’ve always been really kind and patient with me, and often ship on the day of purchasing. It takes no more than two weeks for my items to arrive which is pretty amazing!

See more of their items here, and don’t forget to use my coupon code LIZBEE for a special discount! Go on, treat yo’self

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*Please note that although this is a sponsored post, I speak only the truth and nothing but the truth.

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  • Mary Lee
    April 12, 2019

    Liz! You look lovely as always! I love this dress on you xoxo
    May I ask, where can you find Liz Lisa replicas? Do you order them on reddit through a third party?


    • LizzieBee
      April 12, 2019

      Hey Mary! This post is a review of Kawaii Gyaru Shop which is where I get all of my liz lisa. I’ve left links on the blog post! I don’t buy Liz Lisa replicas ^^ they’re all real!