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Koakuma Ageha October 2016 Mag Scans

Koakuma Ageha Mag Scan

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It seems like the world of gyaru is making a comeback – Koakuma Ageha has returned with a new October issue. The front cover has all of that glitz and sparkles that it used to back in the day, with Sakurina looking like an absolute goddess on the front.

As soon as I saw it online I knew I had to snap it up, and a couple of weeks later it had arrived on my doorstep. I was so happy! I used to buy gyaru magazines all of the time but then they got discontinued and all but Ane Ageha remained. Koakuma Ageha (a.k.a Ageha) seems to be making a slow comeback though, which is amazing and I hope other magazines will follow suit! I instantly sat down and flicked through it, and even though I can’t read a word of Japanese (oops) I still found it extremely interesting, so I decided to share some of my favourite pages with you!

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My thoughts…

The hair

Basic, but cute and perfect for the working people. You could easily get away with these hairstyles for school/uni too!

The makeup

Non-existent *cry*. There were hardly any pages on makeup like they did in the old Ageha, and I guess it’s because it’s so plain and therefore not necessary to repeat the same eye makeup. Still, this magazine is aimed at the older generation of gyaru who are slowly growing out of it, so I guess it’s okay (but I’m still heartbroken).

The fashion

OH. MY. GOSH. YES. I loved all of the outfits and was delighted to see Sakurina on almost every page! Sure they’ve toned down, but their outfits are still pretty gyaru and it was good to see some sweeter elements mixed in.

The special

HALLOWEEN. Yes, this was one of the main reasons I wanted to buy the magazine – absorb all of that Halloween inspo! Sakurina looked amazing as a dead bride and as Princess Serenity, and I can’t wait to use some of that inspo. I am just so excited for Halloween! I did do a post on Halloween inspo before which you can view here.


So… What did you think? Did all of those gyaru feelings come flooding back? I was a little bit disappointed in the makeup and the hair but the outfits just made up for it. I am tempted to keep on collecting Ageha until EGG returns (fingers crossed they do!).

Until next Sunday ♡

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