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Lacking Motivation + Liz Lisa CO*DE

Hey cutie! How are you? Today I just want to say sorry for not being very active on here… I’ve just been really lacking motivation when it comes to blogging. I don’t really know what to write on here anymore, and I feel like maybe I’m annoying everyone with the amount I post (especially now that I’m creating more YouTube videos). Maybe I’ll just write small and casual posts like this and not promote it… And I told myself to do more “old-school blogging”, but it is quite hard to break out of the mindset of having to product ~perfect~ blog posts.

One thing that keeps me blogging is reading other gal blogs! It’s kind of like old times again. I’ve also been saving more pictures from Chie’s old blog posts tehe. Kumicky is another big obsession with mine as well recently! I ordered some Popteen magazines with her on the cover so I hope they’ll arrive soon!

Here is a recent co*de I wore for a day of baking! I was so happy with how my hair turned out and I want to do this more. It’s so old-school gal and reminds me of Chie! I also wore my favourite Liz Lisa winter dress and my new ugg-style boots.

I have recorded a lot of YouTube videos that are Christmas-themed that I really hope you’d like! The first one is about me decorating for Christmas and I’m so excited for you to see it.

Anyway, sorry for the very short post… Hopefully I’ll feel more motivated next time…

I hope you’re okay! Are you excited for Christmas?

Lizzie xx

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