Shining Bright: Lashine False Lashes Review!

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Lashes are a huge part of the gyaru makeup, although sadly they are harder to get your hands on nowadays (well, ones that are dramatic for our gyaru looks in any case!). I’ve been trying my best to experiment with non-branded ones, so I was really intrigued by what they had at Lashine and decided to give them a go. So here’s my review on the false lashes I received!

Lashine Synthetic False Lashes Review by Lizzie Bee

High Quality – S21

I was pleasantly surprised by how soft these lashes were (to give you an idea… They are the same softness as Diamond Lash Angel Eye) so it was incredibly easy to put on and wear. It could easily bend around my finger to make it more flexible, and it also meant that it was gentler on my sensitive eyelids. The soft lashes make it perfect for substyles such as onee gyaru or the sweeter styles of gyaru like himekaji, and I wore it for my Molang-inspired outfit (which was definitely leaning on the cuter side haha). 

Ideal for: onee gyaru, himekaji, cuter/kawaii styles
Overall rating: 5/5

Most Natural – S01

I was actually quite surprised that the lash band for “Most Natural” was quite stiff, especially considering that it was supposed to give a more natural look. This made it quite hard for me to put on as it didn’t bend as well around my eye shape, but once they were on they were fine and didn’t give me any discomfort. They were very long, but I found they didn’t really curve that much so you can’t really see them in photos… So instead of doing an onee gyaru look like I had planned, I went for a more old-school look by amping up the eyeliner. 

Ideal for: Old-school (if you amp up the eyeliner)
Overall rating: 2 / 5

Most Fresh – S36

These lashes were very soft, much like “High Quality”, but shorter in width. They were equally as long and fluffy which makes it great for some styles of gyaru. I wore it with an agejo outfit, but I think it’ll work with any kyabajo (hostess) inspired outfit and himekaji… You could probably also get away with doing old-school gyaru as long as you amp up the other aspects of gyaru makeup e.g. I skipped out on lower lashes for this but instead put on a load of eyeliner and emphasised my contour. 

Ideal for: Old-school gyaru, kyabajo, agejo, and himekaji
Overall rating: 4 / 5


All of the outer packaging is the same, which made it a bit tricky for me to figure out which pair of lashes was which. Luckily, though, they have a little sticker inside the pack with the eyelash number on it.

All of the lashes I tried were soft in texture which meant that it was perfect for my eczema-prone eyelids, and with careful cleaning, can be worn multiple times.

They are not as dramatic as gyaru-brand lashes such as Diamond Lash, but they work all the same by either amping up the eyeliner or other aspects of the gyaru makeup (such as contour). So yes, you can make them work with gyaru!

I would also like to point out that each pair of lashes was $4.99 (around £4), which is a REALLY good price especially because you can wear them multiple times. 

Out of all of the lashes, my favourite definitely was the first (the High Quality ones). They were just so soft but incredibly dramatic which makes it perfect for himekaji, onee gyaru, and other cute styles. 

Overall rating: 4 / 5

What do you think? Have you ordered from Lashine before? Which ones are your favourite false lashes?

Lizzie xx

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  • Marissa
    June 10, 2020

    These look so pretty on you! 😍

    🌿 Marissa Belle | x 🌿

  • Constance
    June 11, 2020

    Wow, these look lovely, thank you for sharing lizzie

  • Claire
    June 11, 2020

    I am no good at applying false lashes at all which is a real shame as they look amazing. You can really tell the difference in these ones, as reflected in your scores.

    You look great!

    • hellolizziebee
      June 11, 2020

      Awh yeah I remember the first time I wore lashes… It took me nearly half an hour to figure it out haha! But now I can’t live without them. Thanks so much!

  • Brooke
    June 11, 2020

    My friend insists I need to wear false eyelashes for my wedding, but I have never tried them before. Thanks for all of the information on these.

  • Kyra |
    June 11, 2020

    These look so pretty and I really appreciate the honesty of the review! Thanks for sharing!
    -Kyra xx

  • Jenny in Neverland
    June 11, 2020

    They’re definitely not particularly dramatic lashes but I reaaally like them! It’s been forever since I wore falsies. Love how they look on you! ❤ xxx

  • Helen
    June 12, 2020

    I love your look! I’ve just been having a look around your blog and love that you’ve created such a unique style. The lashes look fab on you. Not too much, but perfect for creating different looks.

    Lots of love, Helen x