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Lessons from 2015: How to Make the Most of Your Life

Hey cuties! How are you today? Did you have a good Christmas? (And to those who don’t celebrate – did you have a good weekend?)

Mine was pretty good! It was very chilled out and consisted mainly of binge-watching films and playing monopoly. It was the first time I had cooked Christmas dinner with my sis! I wish I took a decent photo of it… Oh well, maybe next time. I also finally got my hands on a Christmas jumper so I paired that with my cute Santa-cat tights that I got from Kawaii Gyaru Shop*. I kind of wish I could wear this sweater more than once a year…

The festive spirit really made me think about what I’ve done this year and I’m really happy to say that there’s been so many good things that had made me smile. There were some things that made me not-so-happy but I guess those times are there so that you could learn from them.

So instead of doing a post on everything I’ve done this year (as I had already written one back in June here) I’ve written a list on how to live life to the fullest from the lessons I’ve learnt in 2015.

1. Keep your goals in mind
The first month or two of the year was a bit of a chaotic mess because I didn’t know what I was doing. I was so lost and found myself spending days in bed watching TV… So one day I just sat down and wrote two things I wanted to achieve this year and started to doing them. And it worked! I was back on track! I think it really helps if you haven’t got a long list (as that can seem quite intimidating) and instead make your goals bitesized. They don’t have to be big goals either; mine was just to draw more and not to wear as many gyaru-brand clothes.

2. Make the most of your time
Following the first point, keep those goals in mind and make the most of your time doing them. I spent the majority of my year trying to squeeze in drawing on trains or when I’ve got an hour or two of doing nothing, and it made me feel so good about myself as I knew I wasn’t wasting that time going onto social networks. I achieved so much!

3. Take a break
I did take breaks from drawing though, and I think taking breaks is equally as important. I try to keep my work life and my social life balanced and now I spend all weekend relaxing and all week working.

4. Do what you love
I can’t stress how important this is! You should never ever do something that makes you feel uncomfortable/unhappy.

5. Treat yo’self
I probably do this way to much buuuuuuuut… Yeah. Feels good to give yourself presents to remind yourself what an amazing being you are. This could could simply be a nice bubble bath and a homemade pamper session! I’d recommend any of Lush’s products, they are divine.

6. Spend time with the ones you love
I left the most important one to the very end – spend time with your friends and family!

Right, that’s a wrap! I hope this list was helpful to you, I’ve learnt a lot in 2015! Until next year cuties!

Lizzie Bee xx

*Kawaii Gyaru Shop discount code: LIZBEE

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