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Let’s Get Spooky at Warwick Castle!

I put a spell on you…

Can you believe that Halloween is just right round the corner? I’m SO excited for it, and when I heard that there was this 2-for-1 offer for a Halloween special at Warwick Castle I immediately jumped on it. I’m terrible when it comes to spooky things so me and my partner went during the day time, and it was a good thing we did because there were lots of events to see there! There were also a lot of children, but most dressed up as witches and the like which really cheered me up. The Halloween spirit is finally settling in in the UK! I was decked in my rokku gyaru attire – gosh I love this style so much – and it was the first time in a million years that I dug out this leopard print coat. It was so comfy and warm, and a good thing too as pretty much all of the shows were outdoors.

Despite being there for around 7 hours, we weren’t able to see everything but we did manage to see: two “Flight of the Eagles” shows; the Trebuchet Fireball which is this massive catapault thing; an archery session; the Time Tower – a brief history of the castle; “Tormented” (a Halloween special); and the Haunted Hallows. I was so spooked by the “Tormented” show and spent most of it hiding under my scarf and cuddled up to my partner. I’m so lame haha.

Inside Warwick Castle
Trebuchet Machine
Eagle Owl at the “Flight of the Eagles” show
Archery show
Roaming the peacock garden
Just chilling! Btw can any one give me any tips for shots with lots of people in the background?

Halloween special “Haunted Hallows” area. That pumpkin looks so cute!
Me & my pals waiting for Halloween like-

Makeup shot & outfit details:

Coat: Primark / Top & boots: boohoo / Jeans: New Look / Accessories: Glavil by TuTuHa, Claire’s Accessories and eBay

All in all, it was a really good day! The photo thing at the “Tormented” show didn’t work which I was really looking forward to, but other than that it was okay. I loved how they managed to dot loads of pumpkins around and create that Halloween vibe, and it makes me all the more excited for the big day. I would’ve liked to have seen more of the castle though, especially their dungeon areas, but sheesh it’s expensive to go there. Parking was a flat rate of £10 for the whole day (ouch) and it was over £25 to get in (even more ouch). I don’t think I’ll be going there any time soon, but the Halloween special was worth it.

So, how are you celebrating Halloween this year? Gone anywhere spooky? And what did you think of this post? I’ve been going out a lot of events and castles lately so I’m hoping to blog about them more, but I’m worried y’all be bored haha. Let me know what you think though, and if you have any places you’d recommend to me! I love historical things!

Until next Sunday ♡

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