Let’s Hangout and Chillout

rokku gyaru, ane gal, gaijin gyaru
Me & Kei (and the kitty cat who photobombed!)

If there’s one resolution I’ve made this year that I’ve stuck to is that I have seen my friends more often than ever. Every time I arrange something with my gal pals I would anticipate it days before – planning my outfit and making sure that everything is perfect for the big day. Because it is a big day for me; I love seeing them so much! And it isn’t just because we’re into the same fashion but because we get along really well and have interests outside of that. Nothing is better than just taking selfies, chilling out and singing along to some really cheesy karaoke.

I feel like it’s still not enough, however, so I make the most out of the times that I do see them and my love for gyaru grows. I wouldn’t be meeting this amazing bunch of loonies if it wasn’t for that fashion, and I am forever grateful for it. Me and my friends have talked about our life after gyaru but I don’t think I could ever cut it off completely. It’s a lifestyle, and I want to keep it that way for as long as I can.

fuck you cat

afternoon tea at Caffe Concerto

uk gaijin gyaru, birmingham gyaru meet

Little note: when we were sat down in Caffe Concerto a cute old man asked us what the occasion was, and was amazed that this is what we look like pretty much everyday and said that we all looked very beautiful and that it was great that we were dressing the way we were. It’s things like that that restores my faith in humanity.

Left to right: Risa, Amber, Kei, Sharlz, me & Emma

Top: Boohoo / Skirt: unknown / Socks: Peacocks / Shoes: New Look / Bag: Topshop / Accessories: Glavil by TuTuHa, Claire’s Accessories & Primark

bubble tea, chinatown, birmingham
Grabbing some bubble tea from Birmingham’s chinatown

ane gal, rokku gyaru, gaijin gyaru

rokku gyaru, ane gal

ming moon, karaoke room, gatsby
Time for a buffet & karaoke at Ming Moon! Our room was called “Gatsby”

uk gaijin gyaru
Gals just wanna have fun!
rokku gyaru, gaijin gyaru, lizzie bee
Bow down bitches

I’ve been really digging the rokku gyaru look lately and it’s probably because I’m really looking forward to Halloween. I know that it’s a month away but I can’t wait to decorate my room with lots of cute, spooky items! Hopefully there will be a Halloween-themed gal meet if we can manage to figure out a time that is good for everyone. Do you cuties celebrate Halloween? How do you celebrate it? I need ideas tehe.

That’s all for today, I’ll see you next Sunday! ♡

Lizzie Bee xx

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