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Lhouraii’s Nails: Sailor Moon Gyaru Nails Review!

I’ve finally been able to purchase some false nails and what better than a set of Sailor Moon ones? My outfit itself for Hyper Japan wasn’t particularly exciting so I wanted to jazz it up with accessories, and as soon as I saw it on Lhouraii’s instagram I knew I had to get it. I always feel more gyaru when wearing nails, especially if they’re long and pretty!

Unfortunately I am terrible with false nails so I only wear them for special occasions, and I haven’t had the time to design my own nails lately. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Lhouraii’s nails and a couple of my friend’s have purchased from her before so I thought I’d give it a try. Luckily she offers both long and short versions – all I had to do was send her a little message and she sorted it all out for me.

The process
Purchasing these nails was easy; I went to her etsy shop and messaged her about having a shorter version of the Sailor Moon nails she had on display, and she replied promptly saying yes and it went from there. She listed the width of each of the nails on the listing to give you an idea of what they’d be like but she does offer custom sizes, all you have to do is message her.
A few days later she sent me a picture of the nails and before you knew it, they were right on my doorstep. All in all it probably took about a week to including the messaging, creating the nails and delivering it. That’s the quickest process I’ve ever seen when it comes to nails – I expected it to take around two weeks! Amazing.

The packaging
The nails arrived bubbled wrapped inside a card box with her branding, fixed on a gold card with stickies (I think that’s what they’re called?) so that they didn’t go all over the place during delivery. Everything was in perfect condition and I’ve kept the packaging so that I could continue to store my nails like so.

The design
The nails are beautiful – so beautiful that I’m worried about wearing them too much because I want them to stay immaculate! The third finger for the right hand originally had a chain dangling down it bit as I’m useless with nails I requested to have it taken off, so she sent me another nail without a chain without fuss. I chose Sailor Moon to be the main character and she also included Chibi Moon, but you could have any Sailor senshi you wanted.

Wearing the nails
I’m terrible with false nails so these were quite challenging to wear but I wasn’t completely useless. I can confirm that these aren’t good for everyday wear – I probably won’t wear them for work again as I found it very difficult to type but other than that it was fine! It did feel weird after I took them off as I was used to having them on…

I would definitely recommend her – you get what you paid for, and she’s really sweet and easy to talk to so there’s no problem approaching her for different sizes etc if need be. She also does some amazing long nail designs for those who want to go over-the-top, you should check her shop out!

That’s all for today. Until next Sunday, cuties! ♡

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Please note: The nails were actually bubble-wrapped within the cardboard box when they arrived but I took it off for these photos.

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