Himekaji Wardrobe Update, LL Scans + Recent GETS!

Hey cutie! How are you? I’m super happy because my big box of Liz Lisa and other himekaji items from my dear Emi arrived a few weeks ago and I FINALLY gotten around to posting about it (sorry it took me so long haha („ಡωಡ„)). Honestly I screamed with happiness and just couldn’t wait to open it. I’ve filmed a little YouTube video of everything that she gave me and I’m just so incredibly grateful. Now I have a lot of items for my himekaji wardrobe for Spring! The next thing I want to do is figure out the exact collection that my items came from!

Here’s a little picture of my Spring/Summer himekaji wardrobe. Isn’t it so beautiful? I will write another blog post about it in a couple of months when the weather gets warmer. In the meantime, you can look at my himekaji wardrobe for winter!

Here’s my YouTube video of the box of Liz Lisa from Emi (´,,•ω•,,)♡

Over the past few days I’ve been uploading a lot of scans from old Liz Lisa catalogues (big shoutout to Olivia for providing the scans!) and honestly… I’m just so inspired right now, especially by the 2010 Spring collection. The clothes just look so gorgeous and everyone looks so gal! I can’t wait to do some Spring looks when it gets a little bit warmer. Here are some links to the collections I’ve written so far:

Liz Lisa 2010 Spring Collection ♡
Liz Lisa 2009 A/W Collection ♡
Liz Lisa 2008 A/W Collection ♡
Liz Lisa 2008 Summer Collection

So… I kind of bought some more items that are inspired by the grey Liz Lisa top Emi gave me and my recent GAL boom which is popteen kei! I focused more on casual items so that I can do everyday gal coords and I’m so happy that I finally got my dream Ank Rouge hoodie that Okarie wore! I’m really excited to try the t-shirts on and I started creating collages of possible outfit ideas on my phone. They’re not exactly great, but what I’ve done is started to take pictures of each individual item so that I don’t have to go digging around the wardrobe every time I want to create outfits. Would you like to see them?

And that’s all for today! How has your week been?

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  • cheerie
    February 21, 2021

    Ahhhhhhhhhh I was so utterly hyped to see the video of your spring himekaji box and i was NOT disappointed!!! Everything is sooo cute and i love how happy and excited you were looking through it all and talking about how you would coord them!! The wardrobe pic is just so dreamy and spring ready! Also I think I always say this but I love the ank rouge hoodie for the exact reason that you mentioned, okarie foreverrr LOLLL ♡ I’m also excited to see how you’ll wear the tees and casual wear cause thats one of the cutest trends/styles T-T it’s been warming up a bit here lately so I’ve been looking up old spring/summer ank rouge and it really gives me so much nostalgia ;_; I love those casual outfits!
    also re: phone collage coords… YES!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

    • hellolizziebee
      February 22, 2021

      Omg Cheerie, you’re so sweet! I’m really happy that you liked my video, and honestly I’m so hyped for creating some new coordinates!
      YASSSS OKARIE FANS!!! I just love her so much. It’s kind of sad how much she’s changed now but I guess that’s normal now… I’ll always be an Okarie stan!
      Okie dokie I’ll create a post with some collages this week as I have a whole bunch on my phone and it’s making me so excited for Spring!

      • cheerie
        February 23, 2021

        hehhee HYPEE!! I’m so super hyped to watch HAHA ❤ I imagine there will be so much fun coordinating into the next season with your new pieces too!!
        omggg YESS ;_;!! I really liked her style for a while post-Ank Rouge too (I’m not really sure if it fell into any labels exactly, but it’s kind of like, a glam office lady LOLL) but I’ll forever miss her oldschool himekaji looks with the more gyaru eyemake and then her softer Ank Rouge ones too ♡
        YAY!! 😀

  • PJ-Hime
    February 21, 2021

    Ohhhh I have that same lizmelo top and it’s my faaaaavorite!! I can’t wait to see how you coord it ❤️

    • hellolizziebee
      February 22, 2021

      Aaaah yay! It’s the softest and comfiest top ever, I can’t wait to wear it properly! Thanks bby girl 💖

  • Lynn
    February 21, 2021

    I do exactly the same…I got my clothes saved in my virtual wardrobe xD but I stopped taking pics a while ago, I need to update it asap

    • hellolizziebee
      February 22, 2021

      It’s so handy isn’t it??? Then at least even when I’m not at home I can create some cute coords!

  • Kieli
    March 4, 2021

    Omgggg Liz Lisa Dollllllll!
    Also is that a RFF top I see????