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Seeing as it’s now June I thought that I’d post a recent post of my Gyaru Improvement Meme to see if I have improved during the last couple of months~

And I think I have! ^^ My eyes are so much more dramatic, so what just needs to be improved on are my coords and my hair~ Got any ideas? ^^

To do this meme please visit my meme post! n_n~

I’m trying to adapt to the Gyaru lifestyle because IMO Gyaru can be a lifestyle as well as a fashion~ Because of my exams I haven’t really been able to do this, but I’ve decided that I’m gonna try and do my gal make every day for a week to see how it all works ^^ I’m also trying to learn some Para Para (and failing epicly lololol) and yeaaah.

How do you guys ‘live’ in the Gyaru lifestyle? ^^ Below I’ve written a list of things that makes me feel more gal~ ’tis my own personal opinion so please don’t eat me ;__; 

* Doing Para Para

* Hanging out with my Delight gals <3

* Dolling up (doing my hair, makeup, creating a coord etc)

* Wearing false nails

* Reading through magazines (gonna buy one soon! n_n)

Also, I’d like to thank the two wonderful people who posted a secret about me in Gyaru secrets~ 

Thank you so much! It really made my day seeing these posts ^^ Whoever you are, you’re so awesome ! >3< I’m really happy that you think I look gal <3 tehehehe! <3

Delight will be hosting a meet in July! I am so so so excited, ’cause I’ll be meeting all the other gals for the first time! 😀 I’ve already met two beautiful ladies of Delight, Amelie and Marie, and soon I’ll meet all of the other gals! Zomg sdjfbksfjgb so so excited! <3

Anyways, that’s all for now methinks ^^ Onto some pictures! <3 

Even though I am still on my break from Gyaru during exam period, I decided to doll up~ But it’s a kinda casual look as I didn’t wear my bottom lashes nor tried out new eye techniques~

Until next time,

Lizzie <333

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