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Liz Lisa 2010 Summer Collections!

Hey cutie! How are you? Aaaaand we are back with another bunch of really inspirational scans (created by the lovely Olivia) of Liz Lisa’s 2010 Summer Collections, which they’ve called “Hot Carnival Summer” and “Tropical Vacation – California Girly”! We already had a look at some 2010 Spring scans in my previous blog post so I was really eager to see what these Summer scans were going to be like (I’ve already established that 2010 is the best Liz Lisa era lol fight me no don’t lol because I’m a wimp). Right, without further ado, let’s take a look at these scans!

Liz Lisa 2010 Summer Collection: Tropical Vacation – California Girly

Liz Lisa 2010 Summer Collection: Hot Carnival Summer

My thoughts on the 2010 Summer collections…

I bloody LOVE THEM. Not so much as I did their Spring collections, but I love them all the same. And what made me super happy was that I spotted some things that I have in my wardrobe that were from these collections! The thing I probably loved most was the fact that even though all of the clothes were drop-dead-gorgeous, I love how they’ve made them suitable for more of a casual look (especially when they combined pretty blouses with shorts).

I 100% need to buy that heart floral t-shirt though because it looks sooo cute on that Liz Lisa model (and Kumicky also had that t-shirt, too!). The only thing is though – and I know this is going to sound bad – but I just don’t see too much of a difference between these two collections apart from the fact that the “Hot Carnival Summer” has a lot more floral print. If I didn’t know that there were two of them, I would’ve thought they all belonged to the same group but that might just be me!

Which one was your favourite collection?

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