Liz Lisa + Dreamy Bows GETS

Just wanted to share some of my recent gets with you (´• ω •`) ♡

I bought some new Liz Lisa items from the Tokyo Kawaii Life store for the very first time ever!!! It was so easy to use. Although the prices ☆(#××) I’m not used to buying brand new stuff haha, I’m such a cheapskate.

I’ve also bought some hair accessories from Dreamy Bows via Depop!

I’m currently waiting for another package from Japan („ಡωಡ„) So I might do a youtube video of all of my GETS later!

Okie that’s it for now, speak soon ♡♡

What do you think?

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1 Comment
  • Megane Gal Amyh
    January 24, 2022

    Omg I’m in love with the skirt, it’s absolutely gorgeous!!!