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Liz Lisa Summer Collection 2008 Scans

Hey cutie! I’m literally SO excited right now. One of my dear friends, Olivia (here’s her IG!) uploaded some scans of her Liz Lisa Summer Collection 2008 Catalogue and aaaaah I am dying! It’s just so inspiring to see how gyaru Liz Lisa shop staff and models were back in the day. They’ve all got that lovely tan, the blonde/light-coloured hair… It just gives me so much life!

Hope you enjoy these scans are feel as inspired as I do just flicking through them (´,,•ω•,,)♡

My Thoughts about the 2008 Liz Lisa Summer Collection

The clothes are completely different to what you see now (if you’re interested, you can read more about it over on my post where I talk about the development of Liz Lisa/Himekaji). The forms are generally a lot more floaty and free where the dresses it’s tighter up top near the chest before flowing out. Not to mention that there’s a lovely array of bright colours here! I haven’t seen that in himekaji (and what I call “popteen kei”) for a very long time.

I especially love that there aren’t a lot of floral patterns in this collection. Yes, sure, there are a few items that have it but generally speaking it’s a lot more focussed on the colours. And I just love all of the names they’ve given! My favourites are definitely the denim blue dress that Yui Kanno is wearing (which I actually have in my summer wardrobe tehe) and the bags in the Liz Lisa Twinkle (which was a sub-brand of Liz Lisa).

The gyaru vibes are strong in 2008!

Which was your favourite item?

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