One Item Four Ways! Lizmelo Winter Dress

Gosh it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts and I’ve missed it so, so much! Now that we are in our second lockdown I’m trying to create as many outfits as possible for when we go out food shopping (lol) and today I want to show you how I’ve styled a cute Lizmelo in four different ways. My main goal this Winter is to try and wear himekaji as much as possible, and now that I’ve been able to style this dress in four different ways, my goal doesn’t seem so unreachable!

Okay, let’s go!

(The worn photos were taken before lockdown btw).

Lizmelo Elegance

The best thing about Winter? LAYERS. I really wanted to create at least one coord where I’ve layered the dress with a top underneath, and this polo neck is perfect for it! I’ve included frilly ankle socks to create a lil’ bit of balance, andL this outfit would look so cute with some pink bow hair accessories. I wore this in a recent blog post where I’ve compiled my favourite Autumn/Winter himekaji outfits (but with some minor differences)!

top: ma*rs / dress: lizmelo (liz lisa x my melody) / boots: new look / socks: primark / bag: primark / accessories: muse, primark and claire’s

Little Bow Peep

I love this bow sweater so much! This outfit is definitely girlier than the previous two, and adds a lovely splash of colour to the overall cream-brown scheme. This outfit will be perfect for a date (once lockdown is over, obviously….)

sweater: mary rose / dress: lizmelo (liz lisa x my melody) / boots: new look / socks: primark / bag: primark / accessories: claire’s and primark

Cute himekaji coord with Lizmelo dress

Old-School Himekaji

You’ll be seeing this hoodie a lot over the next few blog posts because it’s so incredibly versatile and goes well with any Liz Lisa (or Lizmelo) dress. The cute ugg-like boots brings a really casual and fun vibe to the outfit, and screams old-school himekaji! Some brown over-the-knee socks could probably work with this outfit, too… Or some thick thermal tights for when it gets chilly! I wore a similar co*de to this but with different boots!

hoodie: offbrand / dress: lizmelo (liz lisa x my melody) / boots: ebay / bag: ebay / accessories: ruby rose pompom earrings and claire’s necklace


Yay, a fluffy coord! I absolutely love incorporating fur into Winter outfits and this Liz Lisa gilet is my dream item. It’s so old-school, I love it! And, of course, to keep that old-school vibe I’ve paired this with the cute “ugg” boots.

gilet: liz lisa / dress: lizmelo (liz lisa x my melody) / boots: ebay / bag: ebay / accessories: ebay

Cute Winter Himekaji Coord with Lizmelo Dress

And there we have it!

I really enjoyed coordinating with this Lizmelo winter dress because it makes the idea of being an everyday himekaji even more realistic!

Which co*de was your favourite?

Lizzie xx

If you enjoyed this post – I have a whole series where I’ve styled one item in different ways! Here’s a lil’ link to that category if you’re interested.

What do you think?

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  • Aaliyah
    November 15, 2020

    I love your style! All of these outfits are super cute, my favourite is the Little Bow Peep because that jumper is just the cutest! X

  • Mykki
    November 15, 2020

    That is such a cute dress and I love that there are still people keeping styles like Gyaru (or even Lolita!) alive and well.

  • Sophie
    November 16, 2020

    I love every single one of these, the dress is gorgeous too! I think outfit one is my favourite because the layering looks so cosy but I’d happily wear any of them x