Lizzie Loves: Gyaru Autumn/Winter Collections

rokku gyaru glavil by tutuha

Today’s post will be about my top Autumn/Winter favourites! I’ve been waiting for the Autumn/Winter collections to come out since August (yeah I gave up on our British summer OTL) so I’ve been really looking forward to making this post! I did something similar back near the beginning of the year on spring trends.

So let’s start with… Glavil! A.K.A Glavil by tutuHA!

♡ Glavil by tutuHA

Oh my gosh I’m absolutely loving Glavil at the moment. I don’t know what it is about their collection but I just love all of the monotone with a grunge-y edge! I’ve been dying to get one of their skirts for a long time, and it looks so good in that purple with that white hoodie! I really want to expand my rokku gyaru wardrobe and Glavil is the perfect inspiration for it.

rokku gyaru glad news

Glad News

I love how much of the stuff I like from their collection are already sold out ^^” But fingers crossed they can get that skeleton dress back soon because I need it in my life.

agejo hime gyaru ma*rs princess melody

MA*RS/Princess Melody

I’ve put these in the same section because these brands are quite similar to each other these days… Princess Melody has been giving me more agejo than himegyaru vibes, whereas MA*RS is now leaning on the more onee side but with an agejo/sweet twist. To be honest, I was extremely disappointed with both of their collections as I was hoping they’d keep their dramatic flair, but apparently not.



I think Swankiss has to be the cutest collection out of all of these brands! It’s quite sweet how they’re still keeping their pastel tones, but making it more suitable for winter but adding (what appears to be) thicker fabric and other winter aesthetics. It’s one of those brands that I find pretty to look at but not confident enough to wear… Sigh.

onee gyaru datura delyle noir

Datura/Delyle Noir

Another two brands that look almost identical, I love how classy they are! Plus Sakurina is their model and all of their clothes look amazing on her I want to be just like her when I grow up forever gyaru! I wasn’t really interested in their clothes though as I find it very similar to local brands but I’m loving those knits! They look so comfy! (First two are from DaTuRa, the coat is from Delyle Noir).

himekaji liz lisa

Liz Lisa

I love how Liz Lisa have kept their products looking summery but with thicker materials. They haven’t got very many red/brown items like they used to which is quite sad because I loved their browns! They’ve also seem to have gone with the slouchy knit trend that I love.

And that’s all for today! I’m hoping MA*RS will release more of their Autumn/Winter collection soon because it felt weird only having one or two items in today’s post, but for now, these are the babies I’m currently drooling over (tehe). Which ones were your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next Sunday!

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