Lizzie Loves: Gyaru Spring Collections

Hey cutie patootie! How are you today? Oh my gosh I am so so excited for Spring; I went out on a walk the other day and I couldn’t help feeling really happy that it was really beautiful and sunny. It’s still pretty cold but that’s what layering up is for!

I’ve been a little out of touch lately with my “gyaru self” so the other day I spent the whole evening catching up on blogs and looking at new collections. I have to say that Spring is, hands down, the perfect season in terms of clothes right now. Everyone is bringing out their pastel colours and floral prints… I love it!

Here are a few of my favourites; I was just going to write about MA*RS but I’ve fallen in love with other brands like Rady & Liz Lisa!

But let’s start with MA*RS~

MA*RS spring favourites


What’s really sad about looking at this collection is the realisation that MA*RS has toned down a hell of a lot over the past few years. It’s leaning onto the more onee gyaru look – hopefully it wouldn’t end up like GOLDS Infinity!


Rady is one of my favourite onee gyaru brands, and it’s mainly because of my love for Shizuka Muto <3 She’s so classy and glamorous! I love her famous “Rady” pattern, so it would be lovely to own one of those pieces one day. I find that a lot of other onee brands have done things very similar to hers… Hmm.

Rady favourites

Delyle Noir

Despite the fact I was only really interested in three items, I love the “light” theme going on, especially this combination of lilac and white!

Delyle Noir favourites by hellolizziebee


I was really disappointed at my lack of interest in DaTura’s collection because I see so many gyarus like Sakurina sporting it. I really do love that rose pattern that they have on that dress, and it looks great with a loose knit.

DaTuRa favourites by hellolizziebee

Emiria Wiz

This is one of the newer brands that I’ve stumbled upon and wow… I just love their patterns! I think their clothes is perfect for the onee/agejo mix. Definitely a good source of inspiration for those agejo lovers who work in an office! What I found quite frustrating is that although I love pink, there was a bit too much of it here. I would’ve loved to see more blues like in the maxi dress on the bottom left!

Emiria Wiz favourites by hellolizziebee


Swankiss is another recent brand that I’ve fallen in love with, although it seems to be sitting on the boderline of gyaru. I would say that it was more of a brand associated with larme-kei than gyaru, but it could totally be worn with the right makeup and hair! I was actually quite disappointed when I looked at their online store as I see so many creative staff coords on tumblr – better luck next time!

Swankiss favourites by hellolizziebee

Liz Lisa

I think Liz Lisa is one of my favourites for Spring; it’s just so wearable! I think that the problem with some gyaru brands is that it’s so hard to wear for everyday events because it can seem too glamorous… What I loved about gyaru when I first started was that it was so easy to wear.

Liz Lisa favourites by hellolizziebee

I’m hoping to take more inspiration from brands such as Liz Lisa & Rady where I can wear it everyday, but it’s just so difficult! But I’ll definitely share my finds on my Facebook page!

That’s all for now sweeties. Which collection is your favourite? I think you can tell which ones are mine…

See you next week my cuties~

Lizzie Bee xx

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