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Lizzie’s Adventures! Kitty Café in Nottingham!

Guess who’s back? (Back again?) Yessss I’m back from my break and boy I missed this blog so much! It felt really weird not blogging, but I told myself that I really needed this break and I’m glad that I took some time away from it. I should probably do it more often… But we’ll see how it goes! Today I’m writing about my adventure to a cat café called Kitty Cafe in Nottingham! I’ve always wanted to go to one, so when my boyfriend suggested going on a date there I was so excited. The day was lovely and the sun was shining… It was perfect!

When I woke up that morning I still wasn’t too sure what to wear so I just threw together some cute stuff at the last minute. I finally had the chance to wear my pompom hair bobbles, and it leveled up my cuteness by 10000000% hahahaha. I find that lately I’ve been doing a lot of cute styles! I’m having trouble with eyelid tape… I’ve been trying out this thicker one as it’s easier to put on but it’s really visible! Has anyone got any tips?

Top & shoes: eBay / Shorts & socks: Primark / Hair ties: from Chewiee / Necklace: Dreamy Bows

Anyway, we got there a bit early so we wandered around town for a bit before heading out to Yo Sushi. It was my boyfriend’s first time there and I was so happy that he liked the food! It was glorious. Our plates just kept piling up (and the cost with it) but soon it was time to head to the cafe!

I was so excited, and I had a look at the cats in the window and I nearly cried with happiness. I wish I could have a kitten… One day, Lizzie, one day… When we went in the staff were welcoming and always smiling which created a really nice atmosphere. The seats were really comfy, too. The cats owned the whole place and there were lots of ramparts and shelves in the walls for them to nap on. I kind of wish I took more photos of that now…

What I loved about this café was that all of the cats/kittens there were rescue cats, and if you really liked one you could adopt them and take them home! I couldn’t get a lot of good photos in the end because the kitties kept moving around, but here are a few that I did manage to get!

I believe this adorable kitten was called Wolfie
Sleeping kitties looking so cute, I wanted to take one home!


A lil’ (big) hamster wheel for cats

Popcorn! She was definitely my favourite; there’s something about her grumpy face that makes her so cute

And before you know it, it was time to head home… I really want to go there again! Maybe next time I can take more photos. Shall see you all next Sunday!

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