LuluBee date ♡ Bacco lounge + b&m shopping

Good morning cutie ♡ I’m currently writing this on my phone so I’m sorry if this post is a little bit messy! But I wanted to share some pics of my day out with my bestie Lauren ( ̄ε ̄@)

It was quite chilly that day so I decided to wear a casual outfit that’s a tiny bit inspired by Okarie because of the hat! I got it from primark and I love it so much. It hid the fact that I had a very bad hair day hahaha (@_@)

♡ jeans: can’t remember whoops ♡
♡ accessories: aliexpress ♡
♡ everything else: primark ♡

We went to Bacco Lounge for lunch and the food was delicious! I totally forgot to take a pic though oops but I got buttermilk chicken and then a warm chocolate fudge cake for dessert.

After lunch we decided to have a mooch around home sense and omg I kept seeing these beautiful chairs that I really want for our dining room. Again I forgot to take a pic but I’ll try and post my vlog about it! Then we went to next home before going to b&m where… Well, I had to buy some stuff (honestly I love a good bargain haha).

We then went back to Lauren’s house to chill, looked at cute dresses, built a lil storage box for her bathroom, and she showed me her wax melt collection! Makes me really wanna get more wax melts… Maybe I need to do another trip to b&m (✧ω✧)

I headed home after dinner but I had such a lovely day with lulu and I can’t wait for the next date! It’s nice to be able to spend time with my friends again (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ) today I’m going to see my bestie Isobel! So I’ll probs post about that tonight!

Speak soon ♡

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  • Lauren
    June 20, 2021

    Was such a lovely day, love youuuuuu 💕