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新年快乐! Happy new year!

Happy Chinese New Year, cutie pie! (I say Chinese new year because that’s how my family celebrates) I can’t believe it’s that time already and to be honest it’s one of my favourite holidays because of the feasts

Unfortunately it didn’t start so well but let me show you my outfit first before I tell you the story

♡ jumper:
♡ skirt:
♡ accessories: aliexpress + claire’s accessories ♡
♡ boots: ebay ♡

I tried to match with my baby! She kept reaching out while I was taking this photo – so cute!!

♡ storytime… ♡

Okay, where was I? So, we had booked a table at this restaurant a few weeks ago and notified them that we’d need disabled access which was fine because they had disabled toilets and a lift. But when I got there I saw that there…

There was a sign on the lift saying that it was out of order

I quickly went up to talk to them and they offered to carry my grandparents up the flight of stairs (?!) but I declined as there was no way we’d be able to do that… 

The thought of wheelchairs and my grandparents and people tripping up and down the stairs just made me feel really nervous…

So we had to cancel the booking and I called up a few other restaurants but obviously it was a Saturday so everywhere was fully booked. I was getting so stressed out!

Luckily there was this one other restaurant that was able to accommodate us! So at least we were able to celebrate in the end…

But I’m hoping that the experience we had today doesn’t signify chaos for the rest of the year

♡ storytime END… ♡

Managed to take some cute pics though while I was waiting I love this bag so much!!!! I can fit everything in it. Thank you Blippo for the gift you can get yours here with my affiliate link!!! It’s no extra cost to you but it’ll help me out

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But the restaurant we went to in the end had a Chinese buffet which I haven’t had for a very long time! I need to learn how they cook their brocolli… Here are pics of what I ate!

Some family pics!

My baby loves biting everything

Anyways, that’s all for now! Speak soon and happy CNY/LNY!

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