Lunch at hickory’s + casual co*de

We went for lunch at hickory’s yesterday! (*♡∀♡) I tried out a different eye make technique where I just used a lot of eyeshadow on the bottom instead of wearing lower lashes. It gives me a really droopy look, I love it! But I just wish my eyes were bigger…

I had to put glasses on in the end as my contact lenses were really irritating and I didn’t have time to style my hair (╥_╥)

Jumper – H&M / dungarees – boohoo / boots – eBay / accessories – oasis, aliexpress and eBay

With my bestie (*¯ ³¯*)♡

I had louisiana bbq chicken wings for starters and half roast chicken for mains! Also tried grape soda for the first time and it was so yummy ☆ ~(‘▽^人)

That’s all for today! Hoping to film some more YouTube videos and then be lazy for the rest of the day ☆ ~(‘▽^人)

Speak soon ♡

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  • きーりん♡
    January 10, 2022

    You look adorable with that eye make style! Extra cuteness with your glasses!!!! Sometimes I try to do just shadow and liner on the bottom but I still end up using lashes XD But it totally works for you!♥

  • Kitty
    January 11, 2022

    I’m so happy you are still agyaru and blogging ^w^)bbbb ♡♡♡♡