Blogs to Read this March: Meet My Advertisers!

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Gosh, how is it March already? 2020 is flying by and already I’m seeing pictures of cherry blossom trees in Japan (although… isn’t early March too early for that?!) But a new month means new blogs to read, and here are my advertisers for March. 

gyaru blogging - questions and answers by hellolizziebee


The first advertiser this month is the lovely Jade from Jadedisland! She also blogs about Japanese fashion and calls herself a magical girl – which is one of the things that brought us together! Her blog is delightfully pink and she has dedicated a blog post all about her love for pink energy and what it means to her, as well as how it relates to dismantling enforced positivity. This month she did an amazing series for Black History Month on 28+ Days of Black Jfashion which I’ve been seeing dotted all over Facebook and I’m so proud of her! 

Story Behind the Cloth

I recently did an interview with Alissa all about gyaru fashion and that’s what brought her blog to my attention. She delves into the philosophy of fashion to unveil the meaning behind it and explores people’s style stories, and has also released a whole series of style guides from cosy mori-kei-inspired quaint style tips and country chic fashion.

Ichigo Bunny

Keri from Ichigo Bunny bundles up cute, goth and Jfashion into a perfect mix! She blogs about her outfits (like this super cute one for Valentine’s Day) as well as thought pieces – and I especially loved her one on social media and separating it from our worth in order to find happiness. She also blogs a bit about her trip to Japan and I’m so jealous that I wasn’t able to go to the Pokemon Cafe, but at least I can experience it through her blog post!

Sugar Sprout

I’m so happy to feature another jfashion blogger this month! I fell in love with Katy’s blog posts as they are so carefree and it reminds me of how I used to blog back in the day (and it’s something I want to implement in future). She’s a huge anime fan too and has shared her January favourites as well as her fashion goals for the year. She also wrote about her day at Disneysea which is a definite must-read for Disney fans! Be sure to give her lots of love as she’s relatively new to blogging! 

Em’s World Blog

Em is also new to blogging, and has positioned herself as a lifestyle blogger where she shares a sneak peek into her world alongside day-to-day life and interests. It was fascinating to have a peek at her goals for February – one of them being to find a wedding dress which reminded me of when I was planning for my wedding, too. She also writes about her travels like the time she went to Nashville during her two-month long trip to America, and lifestyle pieces such as 10 ways to get cheaper car insurance

And there we have it! Have you read these blogs before? Which ones are you going to check out?

Lizzie xx

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  • Kayleigh Zara
    March 1, 2020

    These seem like a great bunch of advertiser’s, I’ll have to check them all out! As I don’t think I’ve come across them before x

  • Bryony Baker
    March 1, 2020

    I haven’t heard of any of these bloggers before, I’m going to check some out now x

  • KT
    March 2, 2020

    Yay thank you!! Thanks for the opporunity to be an advertiser with you! ^U^ ❤

  • Asma
    March 9, 2020

    Hi, very good article thanks for sharing.
    You are excellent blogger