Sandy dunes + sunny beaches

Hey cutie! How are you? (*¯ ³¯*)♡ Today we went to Maspalomas to see the Dunes and spend some time on the beach (playa del ingles) ♡ we took the bus there and oh my gosh public transport is so cheap over here!

Took some outfit pics during our walk to the dunes because I knew I was going to melt later hahaha

The dunes were absolutely fascinating! (♡°▽°♡) It was so cool seeing the mountains of sand against the blue skies.

View of walk through the Rui Palace hotel to the dunes!

Headed to a nearby cafe where I ate some vegan sorbet! I got red fruits and mango flavour (´• ω •`) ♡

Spotted the gyaru emblem (hibi flower) during our walk from the dunes to the beach.

Luckily we found some sun beds with a parasol because we both burn quite easily hahaha. We also went for a little swim which was so refreshing! (๑˘︶˘๑)

Not my most flattering picture but the sky was so blue!

Had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe and gosh… Isn’t it just so expensive?????? I couldn’t believe the prices! \(º □ º l|l)/ I almost had a heart attack but luckily the food was tasty…

We took the bus back to the hotel and then went out for dinner to one of the hotel restaurants. I got chicken breast and my husband got the lobster rice casserole (although it had all sorts of sea food in it!)

Sorbet for dessert ♡

And that’s all for today! Tomorrow I’m going to go to the spa while my husband goes out quad biking (I can’t join him because I’m pregnant).

Speak soon ☆ ~(‘▽^人)

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  • Amiman♥
    July 3, 2023

    Ooh yees you deserve a spa day girl! The beach pic is pretty cute hehe It’s hard to get nice lighting / snaps on the beach so that’s a win to me lol! All of the food looks yummy, sucks it was so pricey though (・・;)ゞ

    • hellolizziebee
      July 4, 2023

      Gosh tell me about it!!!! I don’t know how other gals do it, but I struggled with the amount of people etc there hahahaha.
      Yeah, I feel like that place is super overrated…