MCM Expo 2015!

wednesday addams, cosplay, goth girl
Photo: James Bissett

I went to London MCM Expo last weekend for the first time in what seems like forever after having missed the one in May. I was really looking forward to it – to check out all of the amazing cosplayers and buy some merchandise, and to also visit my friends at their stalls. I’ve heard that it’s becoming busier by the year, and I kinda’ wished I listened to that because I ended up being such a zombie afterwards!

It was also my first time that I cosplayed! I usually go fully decked in gyaru for Expo but this time I decided to bite the bullet and cosplay one of my favourite characters – Wednesday Addams! It was a really last-minute decision, but I wanted to do something for Halloween and didn’t have any scary costumes. I had to practice pulling a moody face without cracking a smile… Thank you you to Chewiee for helping me out with this! Luckily I had it nailed for expo!

We got there pretty early so we just hung around outside for a little while, and I, for the first time, did cosplay photo shoots! I was so inexperienced and really didn’t know what to do, but the photographers were really patient ^/////^ I’ll create a new blog post as soon as they are online!

Derping around before heading out with Chewiee
wednesday addams cosplayer
Photo: Nwanzo
zombie, the walking dead, mcm expo, cosplay
Wednesday Addams: 1 / Zombie: 0
Loved the Walking Dead section!
azula, the last airbender, cosplay
Azula from The Last Airbender
glinda, wicked
Glinda from Wicked
My internet babes! Antonia, Meg & Lorna
nicky nichols
Nicky Nichols, Orange is the New Black
Iron Man “Veronica” Suit
Yay, twins!

After the lil’ photoshoots we spent the rest of the day inside, trying to weave through the crowds. As you can see, I didn’t really take that many photos with the main reason being that it was packed. There were just so many people there that it was overwhelming, so I didn’t want to stick around for long. However I finally managed to meet my first ever internet friends, all in the same place at the same time! I squealed when I saw everyone I was just so happy. Hopefully I can see them all again one day!

However, I’m not too sure if I’ll go to the next expo because it was so exhausting, and I prefer Hyper Japan… But we’ll see! Until next time, cuties!

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P.S If anyone knows the pages/instagrams/etc of these cosplayers, please let me know! 

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