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Can you believe it’s nearly August already? Neither can I… I’m really happy though because I’m a summer baby, and I just wish it would stay sunny and warm here forever! But this is England we’re talking about, so of course that’s never going to happen.

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet where I ramble about whatever I can think of so that we can get to know each other better. It’s crazy because no matter how many years I’ve been blogging, I feel like I haven’t really opened up to you all yet aside from gyaru. So here goes… 15 things about me!

1. I am very emotional. It all started when I saw the film “Man on Fire”. I never used to shed a single tear when it comes to films but ever since I saw that one I seem to cry at everything that shows the slightest bit of emotional. I hate seeing people cry as it makes me cry too, especially when their voices crack. I just want to cuddle them! Being emotional has made me quick-tempered now too, but I calm down just as fast! I also get really defensive when it comes to my friends and family.

2. I always try to see the best in people. The amount of chances I give to people is countless, and I guess this makes me a bit of a pushover. I never listen to what other people say about each other because I think that it’s best to find out yourself. Most of the time it does work, but I’ve had had a few occasions where I wish I listened to those people instead of giving the bad people a chance to prove themselves.

3. I’m not actually that tall. I’m 165.6cm, which is pretty average! My long legs makes me look taller, especially when I wear heels!

4. I love makeup, but gosh it drives me crazy sometimes. My sensitive skin + makeup is never a good idea. I am in the middle of finding a solution for my puffy eyes that I get during hayfever season so that I could wear makeup more, but it’s a challenge.

5. Gyaru means the world to me. I have been so close to quitting as I haven’t had time to do it lately but I couldn’t leave it behind. I have made some of the closest friends because of gyaru and it has taught me so much… I don’t know what I would do without it! I love it so much that I actually created a post where I explain how much it has impacted my life.

6. I am amazing at pulling faces. Have you seen my photos? Well this post is a perfect example.

7. I love cats. Because cats.

8. I have so many goals and aspirations but just not enough time to do them. I want to keep practising French, pick up Chinese again, do more design work… If anyone has good ideas on time management or have learnt two languages at the same time, please let me know! I really want to achieve my goals

9. I am double-jointed. My hands can do these really weird things that freaks some people out but I think it’s pretty cool.

10. I am a geek at heart. I love learning about new things especially if it’s myths and legends! My favourites are the Ancient Greeks. They were pretty messed up, but the gods & goddesses were badass. I prefer reading children’s books than “adult” books.

11. I have a very short attention spam. This is the main reason I tend to juggle lots of things at once – if I was just concentrating on one thing I’ll get bored. Guess this is why I can never stick to one style  *cough* style chameleon *cough*.

12. I am allergic to exercise. I tried running to the train station once and got a massive cramp in my foot. Not cool.

13. My immune system is near non-existent. This is probably because I don’t exercise… I hate doing it so much and I’m always too tired to do it. If anyone knows of any quick exercises that I can do daily that would be great! Although preferably not ones where I would lose weight.

14. I am a sucker for cute underwear. For some reason whenever I wear cute underwear it makes me feel really cute? Like a magical girl or something? Strange.

15. Despite everything, I’m an extremely shy person. I always worry about whether or not people will like me which makes me panic a little. Like when I went to the International Gyaru Meet I was so nervous because I thought I might annoy everyone and they won’t like me, but the people there were the nicest and funniest people I’ve ever met

And that’s all for today! I hope you liked this post. It was hard trying to think of 15 things…

See you next Sunday!

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(I realised that I did this post back in 2012… Whoops)

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