Merry Xmas, Take Two

Xmas is the time to spend with your family so for the whole day I found myself scoffing K’s beautiful cupcakes that she made and lounging around in my pjs before I actually decided to get off my ass and doll up.

If it had been any other Xmas I would’ve been as excited as any other person on Xmas day but I just wasn’t feeling it. But it was still nice to spend some time with the ones I love.

In my last post you may have already seen my LOTD, but here are some more photos that I have to share with you 😀

And these are the photos I took when I dolled up (well, actually got dressed…) Wore my MA*RS top  that I got from Gorgeous Barbie for the first time and I’m already in love <3

So my curls died down at this point.. ;_; 
MA*RS top, MA*RS skirt, floral print tights from Primark

I’m not really the person to share all of my presents online but these are the fabulous posters that my boyf got me. I love them so much! 😀 He knows me too well… Be jealous, GOT fans, be very jealous.



And last, but not lease, the Xmas tree!

I didn’t really take any photos of the food we ate, but we didn’t go along with the English tradition of having Turkey but with having roast duck pancakes! It was so yummy.

That’s all for now; until next time, beautiful readers!

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